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MOPERC Propane HomePro

The Missouri Propane Education & Research Council (MOPERC) is a not-for-profit organization that serves the propane industry through training, consumer safety, appliance rebates and market development programs.

MOPERC recently launched a new partnership program with homebuilders called Propane HomePro. This new program brings the complete home benefits of propane appliances to life in new, modern and luxurious home construction projects and highlights all the advantages of living a propane lifestyle, including superior home performance, efficiency and comfort.

The new Propane HomePro content website features a robust and dynamic design, highlighting featured homes that are built using propane-powered appliances throughout. This site features many types of content, with room to grow as we add more featured homes, and displays a significant amount of information in an easy-to-consume way.

We love the design, the creative use of video and the strategy behind this website and MOPERC’s new Propane HomePro program.

Check out the new website at: propanehomepro.com.