Peer Groups: Ever Been in One?

By May 7, 2009 No Comments

Three years ago, I joined a network of other advertising agencies from around the country. It’s called the Agency Management Roundtable and joining it was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. Some of the agencies are smaller than ours, while others are larger, but we all work to help each other’s businesses grow.

Recently, Callis & Associates played host to our group’s agency principals at our semi-annual roundtable session in Sedalia, Missouri, home of our firm. Typically we travel around to agency locations, meet other agency’s staff and soak up the local flavor. We also mix in a resort trip from time to time. With the economy the way it is, I think everybody appreciated coming to a smaller, less expensive market this time.

The temperment of our meetings were good. Agency owners are optimistic about the nature of the marketplace, partly because we have to be that way to be good in this business. Some have experienced double digit gains over the past six months while others are struggling to keep up. What’s encouraging however is that we’re all interested in helping each other succeed. The agencies that are leading the group right now are the ones that are committed to growing the new/social media part of their business by integrating new programs into their clients’ marketing efforts.

I’m happy that we made the move some time ago to add an Interactive Manager and focus on this part of our business– it’s already paying off for our clients and for us, just like our investment in our peer group affiliation. Give it a try.

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