Please Take a Vacation

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I’m writing this and watching the surf hit the beautiful beach at Captiva Island. It’s a place we’ve come to for several years now and it always helps me put things into perspective. It’s 9 am, I just got up (which is amazing) and we haven’t started our morning vacation routine yet. The ironic thing is, it’s Labor Day, and I’m working on this blog because at Callis, we’re committed to a regular blog posting schedule. Sure, I could have hammered it out Friday, before I left on vacation. But really, I WANTED¬† to write it from here.

Everyone needs a vacation; from daily tasks; from critical thinking; from physical exertion; from whatever you do every day that makes work “work”. Getting away from these things enables you to step back and look at them from a different perspective. Maybe you like your routine. If you’re like me, you do. Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who is capable of breakthrough thinking on critical issues – not everyone can do that. Maybe you enjoy the labor of love and sweat that comes from a physical job outside, in our beautiful world. So take a vacation, please, because it will help you realize things that you may take for granted.

My mother used to say “find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. I know she didn’t originate this idea but I’m attributing it to her. I’m one of the lucky ones because I do love my job. I’ve been able to create it over 25 years of building a business. But even though I love my job, and my employees, and my clients, there are still days that make you wonder; roller coaster days that have you banging the wall in celebration and leaning back in your chair in wonder. Yet in spite of the ups and downs, the victories and the downers, the optimism and the worries, I love the opportunity to work with some really great people helping solve business and marketing problems; the opportunity to develop strategies and create ideas that help businesses be more successful. It’s not rocket science but it is pretty challenging, and at times, it can be pretty tough. That’s why I need vacation time away to help me recharge, relax, be stimulated by different things and put things into perspective.

Thanks to our employees for watching the shop while I’m away.¬† I appreciate you immensely. If you still have vacation time left this year, please take it! You deserve it!

Happy Labor Day to all!

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