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The Power of Conversation through Content Marketing

By February 11, 2014 No Comments

Being fairly new to Callis, I recently attended my first SHOT Show. What an experience that was. I walked in through the doors of the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, and thought I was in heaven. Several hundred outdoor businesses were showcasing their latest and greatest products. We spent a lot of time offering support to our current clients that had booths there. However, I did have some time to walk around and see some of what the show had to offer. One of the things I valued most was just talking to people. With busy schedules, full workloads, constant deadlines, and the everyday rush to get things accomplished, we sometimes forget just how powerful a conversation can be.

Conversation-like communication needs to be a primary consideration when developing content for any content marketing strategy. Whether you’re producing a video, writing an article, developing an infographic, or creating another form of content, speaking just as you would if you were having a conversation can have great results. People generally do not take the time to read or view something full of very technical words that are difficult to understand. Content marketing is all about sharing helpful information. For that information to be most helpful, it must be easy to comprehend. A simple straightforward piece will keep potential customers from becoming intimidated and dismissing your content.
vegas-150x150Conversational, easy-to-understand content not only engages more people, but it also accelerates the engagement. The faster you engage your audience, the better. Once people are engaged, there is a much greater chance they stay with you, watch your entire video, or read your entire article or infographic. This is very important because engagement often results in action, and action is what marketing is all about. Even though content marketing is not as direct an approach as some more traditional, in-your-face forms of marketing, the goal is still to motivate customer action. We want customers to call us or go to our website and ultimately buy our products or services.

Content marketing can be a very effective marketing tool. Sharing information that is helpful to customers adds a lot of value to your products and/or services. It almost sounds counterintuitive, but you can enhance your content by keeping it as simple as a friendly conversation.