RSVP for Marketing

By December 13, 2012 No Comments

This week, we’re in Orlando at Power-Gen, talking with our customer’s customers, our prospects and the trade media. Power-Gen is the power industry’s largest trade show and it brings thousands of visitors to Florida for a few days. Last night, after a long day on the exhibit floor, we went out to find something to eat.  Guess what?  No reservation, no seat for an hour or more.  So we put our name on the list and headed to the bar where we did find a place to sit down and relax a little.  What does this have to do with marketing?  The plan.  We didn’t have one, so we ended up wasting some time in the bar, buying things we didn’t need (expensive drinks), and waiting for something to happen (like get a table.)

Seen any marketing programs like this (or lack thereof)?  Marketing plans give you the roadmap you need to invest your dollars efficiently and effectively, spending them on the things that make strategic sense and making things happen.  If you haven’t reviewed and revamped your marketing plan in a while, RSVP now to do that.  You’ll feel a whole lot better about where you’re going and what you’re going to eat when you get there (the competition’s lunch).  Bon appetit.

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