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Recently, I’ve motivated myself again to work on my fitness. I’m not sure if my motivation came from looking at my swimsuit physique in the mirror or watching my wife’s super discipline workout regimen, but I’m back at it again. I got out of the fitness routine while nursing an injured heel, and each day that went by without exercising made it harder to return, and easier to focus on other things. Selling is much the same.

It’s hard to maintain a selling regimen day in and day out; especially when there are so many other demands on your time. And like working out, when you lay off a few days, it’s more challenging to bring selling back into your daily schedule. Or, you’ve been “injured” by a prospect not responding to your contacts or giving their business to somebody else.

Here’s my philosophy, for both selling and exercise:

  • Discipline – Setting a time to make prospect follow-up calls is no different than setting a time to go to the gym. Carve out the time, do the work and stay focused.
  • Goals – You can’t realize success if you don’t set goals. Whether you are setting a weight loss goal or a weight lifting goal, selling is no different. Set a goal to make one more contact every day and before long you’re making a constant number every day.
  • Attitude – You’ve got to stay positive. We all have a “Weak” day in the gym. We can also have an “Off” day in the selling business. Don’t take rejection personally. It’s just business. Don’t give up.
  • Reward – Success is a wonderful thing. You’ve got to reward yourself. If you get your time down by a minute on a mile run, let yourself have an ice cream bar even though you don’t need the calories. If you make the sale, take your staff to lunch. With this extra business, you need to keep them happy.

What’s your secret to success in selling?  Make sure you keep up with your selling fitness.

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