Setting Expectations

By June 1, 2012 No Comments

Monday will be an exciting day at the agency.  Three new associates start working with us to help manage our growth and give us the capacity to work on some initiatives we’ve had on the back burner.  I like new employees.  I like ones that have been around awhile too, but new employees bring a fresh perspective and energy level that is hard to duplicate.

So, as I was working on their opening day orientation session yesterday, I began to think about what I could say to them that would make them feel welcome, important and reassured that they had made the right decision about joining our firm.  Certainly, we’ll talk about the mission and vision we have for the agency, so they understand what’s important , why we’re even here and where we’re going.  We’ll talk about our long range and annual plans so they start to gain an awareness for some of the things we’re working toward and their specific role in making it happen.  Of course, we’ll get into policy, procedures, do’s and don’ts and begin to educate them about what we really do and more importantly, what our clients do.  We’ll take the tour, meet their fellow associates, do some “getting to know you” sessions and fill out all the necessary paperwork.  It will be a full day and I want them to finish the day feeling welcome, important and reassured that they had made the right decision to join us and excited to come back Tuesday fired up ready to learn and work hard.

But as I think about the single most important thing to communicate them on Monday, I have to believe that my job is to communicate my expectations for them.  It is up to me to set the table and establish clearly in their minds what we expect from them; quality over quantity; honesty and integrity in everything they do; admitting a mistake (we all make them); ask questions; be happy and enjoy what they’re doing; get along with everyone and build relationships that can last a lifetime; be appreciative of what others do; never stop learning; be organized in your work and your thoughts;  and think, about what you say and do before you do it.

The expectations are high.  I have them for myself and I have them for our agency, but our clients expect nothing less.  And that’s exactly what we give them.

What do you expect from your new employees?  What do you tell them on their first day?  If you want to be satisfied with their performance, clearly establish the expectations.  Then manage to that.  Have a great weekend.