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Share Your Expertise Through Content Marketing

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Archery is a sport I stumbled across after hanging up my helmet and fire-suit for my 305 Sprint car. I was an adrenaline junky looking for a new hobby. My bow is a blacked out Bowtech Carbon Rose. She weighs in at 3.2 lbs, equipped with 60 lb limbs and an 80% effective let off. I like to call her Betty.

I had shot a lot of bows before stumbling across Betty, but it was love at first shot with her. After my purchase at the local bow shop, I got her set up with sights, an arrow rest, and anything else I could fit into my slim budget. I was ready to start practicing.

After posting a few practice pictures on Facebook and Instagram, a flood of advice came my direction, some solicited and some not. Being new to the sport, I had no idea what to listen to. It was overwhelming.

share your expertise bow

This happens to consumers all the time. They are flooded with a vast amount of content every day. When I was being bombarded with first-time archery advice from people of all skill levels, I considered the background and “track record” so to speak of each advisor. One archer gave me enough information to write a short novel. He had been shooting for a while but had nothing to show for it. He only had a few pictures of him tracking and never finding a deer and an infinite amount of deerstand selfies.

Another archer who gave me advice had a great track record. He was an avid hunter who spent many weeks throughout the year on guided hunts in British Columbia. His pictures and stories all included a clean shot leading to a solid kill, even if the animal had to be tracked.

I took the advice of archer number two because I could tell he was a reputable, reliable source. I could tell through all of the valuable content he had shared. I still go to him as a source of information today. Businesses should build content like the second archer – quality information that relates to the audience, their needs, and wants. Anybody can be a content producer but not everyone can produce great content. Great content is created through research, knowledge of the subject matter, and the ability to articulate an experience. People will gravitate to brands that deliver helpful, relevant and comprehensive content.

The time has come when Millennials are flooding the market. They are consumers in their 20s to 30s who are entering or have become established in the full time work force. This new generation of consumers is exposed to loads of content every day. When online, they do not wish to be sold to, they want to be educated. They turn to search engines for quick turn around on finding information. It is crucial that businesses are easy to find online and providing the right content to these consumers in a way that is easy to consume. This generation will build loyalty to the companies that provide the information they need and that loyalty will provide benefits for these companies for many years to come.

Effective Content Marketing programs have websites that are optimized for sharing content, a seamless integration of social media and a strategic SEO program in place. A content marketing program works like building blocks. The blocks of content (videos, blogs, articles, infographics, etc.) work together to build brand awareness and consumer loyalty, and position the company as a leader within their industry.

People consume content in different ways and through different platforms. For example, I may be searching for tips on waxing my bowstrings. If a company created a piece of content speaking to this but is only shared through YouTube, I may not come across it as easily because I do not always use YouTube first. Now, if they share the content through Facebook and other platforms, I may be more likely to come across that information. Strategically driving your content to consumers through multiple channels is important to maximize your content. Think of your content as fire and social media as the gasoline to help spread that fire.

The best time to start a content marketing program is a year ago. The second best time to start a content marketing program is now. Is your content marketing program sighted in and on target? If you’d like to visit about what content marketing could do for your business, give us a call or drop us an email.

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