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I’m writing this post with a heavy heart, as I mourn our St. Louis Cardinals’ National League Championship Series loss to the San Francisco Giants.

When the Giants and Detroit Tigers slug it out in the 2012 World Series, I’ll be watching.  But I’ll also be watching those behind-the-scenes marketing games. Here are a few of my takeaways from the NLCS:

  • In a world of branding overload, you have to do something bold to get noticed. The outfield of San Francisco’s AT&T Park is a sea of logos, all fighting for attention, yet Coca-Cola literally rises above them with a huge (and memorable) 3D metal bottle sculpture in the outfield.
  • All the branding in the world won’t help if no one sees it. I’d guess that the Nike “swoosh”, a universally recognized symbol, is worn by many players in this series. But it’s just a guess, since shoes aren’t exactly focused on during game play. But Nike knows the value of that swoosh, and they’re bound to get it on camera. It finds its way on camera with placement just under the pitcher’s chin, at the top of their undershirt… perfect for close ups.
    Photo used under Creative Commons from stevendamron

    Photo used under Creative Commons from stevendamron

  • Utilize technology. Fox knows how to play this game. They superimpose their own brands throughout the game. You’ll see “The NLCS on FOX” and/or “FOXSPORTS.COM” at almost every moment throughout the broadcast. And with use of green screen tech on the wall padding behind home plate, multiple advertisers get a piece of the television action.

These big advertisers put a lot of money behind these campaigns, so it certainly doesn’t hurt to watch and learn from their successes and failures.  Look beyond the ballgame next time you attend a game or watch it on TV.  You might find the idea for your next big marketing home run right under your very nose.

What brands do you recall from the NLCS?