Integrated Marketing with Emphasis on Content Drives Online Traffic and Results

Starline Brass is a leading manufacturer of brass cases used to reload ammunition, with sales as an OEM, through an international network of distributors and dealers, and direct to consumer.

Callis was challenged with the objective of building Starline’s consumer market and driving high-quality traffic to Starline’s website.

Limitations imposed on the shooting sports industry by online advertising pay-per-click programs and social media advertising platforms placed an increased emphasis on reaching new potential customers and generating website traffic through other means.

Through a strategic, integrated approach, Callis has been able to bring Starline thousands of new customers each quarter, and maintain a steadily growing stream of quality traffic to Starline’s website.

Starline Brass Logo

Starline Brass 40th Anniversary Logo



The Starline Brass logo is the most important representation of the brand. By utilizing the logo on all branded and marketing materials and following the standards set in place, it ensures a unified brand. In 2016, Callis also developed the 40th Anniversary logo for Starline Brass incorporating the iconic star in combination with a circular representation of a brass case.

Content Marketing

Strategic Content for SEO, Added Value for Customers, and Positioning

Callis developed and implemented a content marketing program to build highly targeted online organic search traffic, add to Starline’s status as an authority within the industry, and increase awareness of the Starline Brass name and product line among both new and veteran reloaders.

Multiple series of written articles and videos targeting interest categories and keywords were created, distributed and leveraged for SEO. This strategy has increased Starline’s footprint across multiple channels, expanded their search engine visibility, and built on their reputation as an industry expert. It was accomplished by enhancing the quality and volume of information they provide to customers and prospects.

Specific results include:

  • Average monthly traffic from search engines has increased by more than 300% since the launch of the Content Marketing program.
  • Organic search now drives more than 60% of all website visits.
  • Articles and videos deliver an average of 11,000+ quality visitors to Starline’s website each month.


Creative Campaign

Strategic Creative Drives Awareness and Positioning

Callis designed and executed a series of print advertising for Starline to drive awareness for the brand within the reloader market. It also leveraged Starline’s expertise in their craft and positioned Starline as an industry leader, providing an exceptional quality product at a great value to customers.

Email Marketing

Strategic Email Program Drives Website Traffic and Sales

Callis developed and implemented an aggressive email program for Starline that has driven traffic to the website and directly increased sales and revenues. Emails included new product announcements and features, featured articles and video content, sales promotions and social media promotions.

Results included:

  • Increase in direct (non-organic) website sessions of 260% in the first year.
  • Increase in unique users, average order value and transactions in the first year.
  • Revenue from email increased 19.8% in the first year.

Public Relations

In 2016, Starline began manufacturing rifle brass. Until then, Starline had primarily been known for their full line of quality handgun brass. Callis created and implemented a strategic Public Relations program that included press releases to targeted distribution lists, email marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and featured stories within key publications in their industry. This integrated approach got the word out about Starline’s new products available and brought Starline new customers and incremental sales.

Digital Pressroom

Callis developed and launched a digital pressroom for Starline including downloadable, high-resolution images of all Starline’s new products, downloadable logo files, information about Starline and their history, process and values, as well as other information and resources for the media. Starline’s digital pressroom saves time for the press, providing easy-to-access files and an end result of more coverage.

Social Media Marketing

Limitations imposed on the shooting sports industry by social media platforms as well as the ever-changing Facebook algorithm placed an increased emphasis on reaching new potential customers in new and innovative ways.

Callis created and implemented a strategic calendar of content, including funny and relatable memes, educational articles, reloading tips, video content, new product announcements and social media promotions.

Callis also created and implemented social media promotions for Starline, leveraging their new products and partnering with other manufacturers to create highly-desirable prize packs coveted by their niche reloader audience.

Social media promotions drove social media reach and exposure by creating highly-engaging, shareable content that provided a great value to their fan base. In addition to contributing to significant growth of Starline’s social media channel followers and fan bases, these promotions drove quality traffic to Starline’s website. These promotions were also leveraged through Content Marketing, Public Relations, and Email Marketing.


Packaging Design

Starline challenged Callis to come up with a new package design that differentiated them from their competition in retail stores. Through market research, strategic design and creative execution, Callis delivered a solution that leveraged Starline’s brand positioning and personality while helping them stand out, leading to incremental sales through their dealer network.