Imagine an agency partner that works fast and can handle both simple and complex projects with minimal oversight. Imagine an agency partner that constantly brings fresh, new and innovative ideas to the table. Imagine an agency partner with a wide variety of services, extensive experience and proven capabilities.


At Callis, we work quickly, taking on new marketing, advertising and public relations projects and turning them right around. We always take a strategic approach to create effective messaging and imagery that resonates with targeted audiences and motivates them to take action. We create the work, and you and your company enjoy the success.


Together, we can achieve great things. As an extension of your marketing team, we can help you get things done, and done well. With a deep understanding of the agriculture, rural lifestyle, outdoor sports and healthcare industries, we know your target audience and how to effectively communicate with them. We bring new and innovative ideas to grow your brand and your company and we execute them with precision.

About Us

Callis is a full-service advertising agency with the mission of helping our clients build their brands and their businesses. We live, work and play in Missouri, surrounded by thousands of acres of America’s heartland. Through our life experiences, we know the people who love our land, the outdoors, country living and a healthy lifestyle, and how to communicate with them.
Our commitment to lifelong learning keeps us on the forefront of marketing trends and technology. You see, you don’t have to live in the big city to have big ideas that get big results. If your organization is interested in reaching your target customers more effectively with your digital marketing, advertising and public relations, let’s talk. We’ll show you Midwest value(s).

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