The 411 on the +1

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Recently,  Google revealed their latest feature in search results by introducing +1. The goal behind +1 is to allow users to get the most relevant results as quickly as possible via recommendations from people they know and trust. +1 (the digital shorthand for “this is pretty cool”) will first appear in English language Google searches, and later expand to other languages.

You can compare Google’s +1 to Facebook’s “like” button. Both let you share or recommend information. Google is working on a +1 button that you can place on your page, so that users can recommend your content directly from your site. The +1 button will be comparable to Facebook and Twitter share.

How does it work?

  • To get started +1’ing, you will need to create a public Google profile. Your profile can be used to see all your +1’s in one place and delete what you no longer want to recommend. To see +1’s in your Google search results you must be logged into your Google account.
  • The +1 button will appear next to each search result or ad on
  • To recommend something, click on the +1 next to that search.
  • Didn’t mean to hit that +1? You have the option to undo.
  • Don’t want to show your +1’s to the world? You have the option to keep them private.

What does this mean for advertisers?

The good news for advertisers is that as of right now, there doesn’t seem to be a need for any major strategic makeovers. Google +1 will not directly affect the way AdWords calculates quality scores, although +1 will be one of many signals they use to calculate organic search ranking. As time goes by, advertisers may choose to closely monitor URL’s that are getting +1’d, rather than creating an ad-specific landing page with content. +1’s will not count as a paid click on an ad. This is another clear example of social computing and the growing importance of referrals in marketing and advertising.

If you can’t wait to check out +1, visit Google’s experimental search site at

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