The Big 12: Has the brand been affected?

By June 30, 2010 No Comments

Over the past few years, the Big 12 has built up quite a reputation as a powerhouse athletic conference. Earning national championships in several sports will do that.

So, with the exit of Nebraska to the Big 10 and Colorado to the Pac 10, fans and supporters are wondering if the Big 12 brand will be affected. I think it’s going to be fine….as long as they keep the name.

Some make the argument that you can’t have a Big 12 Conference with just ten teams, but I beg to differ. This issue comes down to brand equity (the value of the brand) and the Big 12 has built a solid brand through successful programs, big-time talent, national TV exposure and effective marketing.  Why throw that equity away and have to build a whole new brand from scratch? What’s the difference if the conference has 10 teams or 12 teams, because it lost no rivalries with the Cornhusker and Buffalo departures, teams will no doubt play a tougher schedule in the major sports,  and conference officials have promised an even greater TV payout.

Hats off to the Big 12 for staying together and showing signs of something even bigger and better! What do you think? Has the brand been tarnished or changed? Should they change the name? It’s most certainly being debated throughout the Midwest.