The Untold Hero

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You may have recently heard the national news story about the young man from Sedalia that was robbed as he was walking home after a whole day of shoveling snow for others. The story first made news on a local radio station, but it then catapulted to MSNBC. What you haven’t heard is the rest of the story.

It was the first big snow of the season. With more snow predicted to fall, Callis & Associates employees were encouraged to leave work a little early so everyone could get home before dark. JoDee Buso, our receptionist, followed her usual afternoon routine of dropping off the mail at the nearest post office box before heading home. Once she arrived there, she went into the house and grabbed a shovel to clear snow off her family’s other vehicle after snow crews had plowed it in. As she began shoveling, she noticed a boy walking down the street covered in snow and holding a shovel. “I saw the boy and immediately thought to myself how great it was to see a child out working for money on a day off from school,” she said. As the boy got closer, JoDee called him over to see if he wanted to help her for a few additional dollars. She then realized he was crying. After hearing his story, she took him inside her home where she called the local police. JoDee’s husband sat with the boy as JoDee took it upon herself to drive around and see if she could find the thief, based on the boy’s description. Finally, after driving around a few blocks, she decided to go home. “I’m not sure what I would have done – probably nothing other than alert the police. But I was just so angry and hurt by what this innocent kid had gone through.” The police arrived at JoDee’s house soon after that and offered to give the boy a ride home. As the police got ready to leave, JoDee gave the boy what cash she had. Knowing that it wasn’t much, she felt proud of the boy for his efforts on his day off from school.

The next day at work, you could hear the sincerity in JoDee’s voice as she told us all the story of what happened the previous evening. The rest of the story made the news, as local citizens chipped in to reward the boy. We would like to think that we thanked JoDee for her contribution to our community, but if it wasn’t clear to her then, we hope it is now. As the story made national headlines because of its touching ending, JoDee just smiles as we all call her our local un-sung hero!


At Callis & Associates we take pride in our work, our professionalism, our co-workers and the community in which we call home. As most businesses do, we have a mission statement. We begin every year strategizing how we can live both professionally and personally through our agency mission: “To be successful through the success of our clients, to be professional, to enjoy everything we do, and to have significance in our community, our industry and our world.”

You can’t plan the unpredictable and sometimes, being in the right place at the wrong time allows you to subconsciously make a difference. JoDee’s efforts didn’t make the national news, but her efforts have not gone unnoticed.

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