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Things you may not know about Facebook advertising

By December 17, 2013 No Comments

Warning: Facebook may not want you to know this. Now, we are not saying that paid Facebook advertising isn’t a valuable part of your social marketing strategy. We have already blogged about that before. You have to attract new customers in more than one way. For this blog, we are talking about the extra little benefit you get from free Facebook advertising.

It’s pretty simple. Here’s how it works. You setup your Facebook account and as part of your social marketing strategy, you target your audience with your posts and create new “likes” for your page. One fan of your page takes a photo of your business, your product, or even better, a pic of them enjoying using your product. They post a picture of this and tag your business in it. One of their friends, who has never used your product or knows nothing about your business sees their photo posting and is instantly intrigued. This is the new “word of mouth” advertising. Word of mouth advertising is huge because people value what their friends value. If Bob likes your product, then Bob’s friend, Bill, probably will too. Now the friend of a friend tries your product because he saw his friend enjoying it and now he loves it too. He also posts about it and likes your page. And, voila! Now you have made two product users out of one. This goes on and on.

Social MediaI have seen this work time and again. My Facebook friend posts about how great her coffee was from a certain coffee shop, so I go try it out. Another friend posts about taking his kids to a certain play park, so we try it out and post about it to our friends. Word spreads and again, these companies have created a chain of product users that started with one person posting about their business or product.

This is very valuable and free! The most important thing is to stay current in your Facebook posts. Share images on your page of your customers using and enjoying your product and thank your customers often!