Try New Things With Your Marketing

By September 25, 2012 No Comments

I’ve never been an early adopter, but fortunately I have associates in our business that are.  But as the head of a digital marketing agency, it’s important that I stay on top of what’s going on, get involved when it makes sense and provide leadership to our clients.

Last week, we met with one of our clients to do an annual review and preview for next year.  Although we bounced around several ideas to help them exceed their marketing goals, the one big takeaway was, “keep bringing us new ideas”.  Now that’s what we like to hear.  That gives us the drive to proactively look at ways to help their business, knowing they will take a serious look at whatever we bring them.  It’s the way that big ideas are born and successful initiatives are started.

What can you do next year that’s new?  It’s all too easy to stay with the tried and true, but to keep your marketing and your business moving forward, you need to continue Try New Things!to look for new ways of connecting with and engaging your customers (or those who you would like to be customers).

This week, we’re participating in a Social Media conference in Chicago.  We’re looking for new ideas, new strategies, and best practices that we can apply to our client’s marketing programs, as well as our own.  Then, in a couple of weeks, we’re going to Bolo 2013, a digital marketing conference in Scottsdale, for the same reason.

This is the time of year when many companies do their planning for 2013.  How long has it been since you went back to the beginning and did a SWOT Analysis?  What research have you done to help you zero in on the best marketing opportunities in front of you?  What new strategies have you tried over the past couple of years?  Now is the time.  Try something new.  Give your marketing program a shot in the arm.  Can we help take you through this process?

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