Warming up to Cold Calling

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For some people, cold calling can seem as scary as jumping out of an airplane from 3,000 feet in the sky.  Or, are you one of those people that would actually rather jump from the airplane than ever have to make a cold call?  Why are cold calls so intimidating?  Because you never know how the other person will react to your call.  In my opinion, that’s absolutely the best part about it!

Cold calling can seem a bit scary when you first get started, but here are a few tips I’ve picked up around the office and from fellow business development professionals, that will help take the “cold” out of cold calling and make it a great way to gauge for potential clients!

The first thing to remember when cold calling a prospect is that they are human too.  They may be having a great day or they may be having a bad day.  They may need your services or they may not, but either way, people are generally very friendly.  Always keep a positive attitude.  A person can detect a pleasing personality and a warm smile through the phone, believe it or not!  And we have all heard before, a smile goes a long way.  Don’t take it personally, though, if the other party isn’t as receptive as you’d have hoped.  Keep your head up, and keep making those calls.  You know your services are valuable.  If you have a great conversation, keep in touch, even if they don’t have any need at the time.  A good relationship could bring business at a later date.

The best way to get a good response from a cold call is to have a “purpose-driven” cold call.  This means that before you call your prospect, you should have a clear reason for reaching out to them, not that you just pulled their name from a phone book.  Make it a call with value.  If you research the company first and find out what their needs may be and what their business goals are, that always helps.  Preparing for the call by sending them some information about your company, first, is a great way to break the ice in the hopes that they may recognize your company name when you call.  I have found that this works wonders!  Simply calling to follow-up on information sent is a great way to start a conversation.

rm-111512As I stated above, don’t take it personally if some people won’t take or return your calls.  Timing is everything.  People are busy and if you are diligent and persistent, eventually you will make communication with them.  Be persistent with your message and make sure the prospect knows that you don’t want to bug them, but that the services you offer may have value to them.

I promise if you do a little research and come prepared, you will warm up to the idea of cold calling.  Your efforts will turn into some great contacts and hopefully gain new business!

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