Whale Hunting

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At Callis & Associates, we’re hunting for a whale. Literally. Our whale has a large advertising budget, is most likely in the outdoor sports or energy business, understands and appreciates what an agency like ours could do for their business and has marketing and management people who are really good people. That’s all.

You see, over the past twenty two years, we’ve built up a great agency based on solid performance, efficient systems and great people. Plus, we have an outstanding roster of successful clients with whom we have long-standing relationships. But we would like to add a whale to help take us to the next level.

So over the past few months, ever since I sat through a presentation on hunting for whale size accounts, we’ve been preparing to hunt. We first took ourselves through a SWOT analysis, which although we do these for our clients from time to time, we had not done one on us in about five years. We edited our positioning statement and identified what made us unique and what our differentiating advantage is. We honed our message and are currently working on a communications plan to get that message out. We’ve identified how our employees will man the boat, once we get into the hunt and we’ve identified some of the whales we are setting out to hunt. It’s been a great process and it’s prepared us to perform at an even higher level for our clients.

I’ve always tried to think big. One former employer even called me a dreamer, but I’m sure he was complimenting me on this. I’ve always tried to have our agency act big so when we got big, we already knew how to act. That’s why we have a systems manual that details how processes and procedures work. It’s why we have an organizational chart for more people than we have now. And it’s why we have tweaked ourselves in order to be in a position to whale hunt.

Look out whales. Here we come.

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