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What is the value of Facebook?

By May 23, 2012 No Comments

A few days ago, Charlyn blogged about the opportunity that Facebook provides for advertisers to put their messages in front of targeted audiences. Right after that, GM/General Motors came out and said they were pulling their ads off Facebook because they weren’t performing at the levels they expected. That doesn’t diminish the potential effectiveness of Facebook ads. They are still very relevant for many businesses with goals that align with Facebook potential.

Then, GM came out and said that it would not be buying any TV spots on the Super Bowl? What’s up with that? Don’t the major car brands use the Super Bowl to launch their new commercials to reach the millions of people that are watching? It really makes me wonder. GM has retooled their car lines in a positive way. Where are they going to direct their marketing dollars to reach potential buyers? It should be interesting to watch. What do you think?

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