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What’s a Digital Marketing Agency?

By May 19, 2011 No Comments

I’ve been in the advertising business for twenty-five years now; more if you count my time on the client side. Over that period, what we call ourselves has changed more times than a certain politician’s position on health care reform.

When I started, we called ourselves an ad agency. It was cool and in fact, pretty descriptive as we focused on TV advertising. As we grew and expanded our service offering, we seemed to be more than an ad agency and the term “integrated marketing communications” was coined. This enabled somebody like us that combined marketing, advertising, public relations and sales promotion services to have something new and strategic to call ourselves. So we adopted that, but people still knew us as an ad agency. Some even called us a PR firm.

When the digital revolution rolled around and we started doing things on the internet (yes that has just been in the last 25 years), people started calling themselves digital firms or digital marketing firms. At Callis, we have in fact been in the digital realm since we bought our first Mac back in 1988 and we commissioned our Art Director to learn how to  use it. Man did that change everything!

Today, everything’s digital and the online marketing world is exploding (even though the traditional stuff is all still working too).

We’re really a marketing firm and truly believe that an integrated approach where you coordinate all advertising, PR, and interactive strategies together works best. So I guess we’re an integrated marketing firm (even though most people still call us an ad agency).

What do you think? What do you call your agency and why?