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What’s a Like Worth on Facebook?

By October 19, 2011 No Comments

If you stay current with our blogs, you know that Cliff and I attended BOLO, a digital marketing conference in Scottsdale, AZ earlier this month. One key recurring theme during the conference was the need to properly measure social media. I’ll use a business’ Facebook presence as an example.

The simplest, most obvious Facebook metric to measure is “Likes”. It is a measure of how many people have indicated, through “Liking” your page, that they have an interest in your brand. There’s an inherent problem in this metric, however:  it’s quantitative, not qualitative. This is key: measuring “Likes” is much less important than measuring quality interactions. Good social media marketers have been comfortable with this for some time, though “Likes” do get the attention.

So, what’s wrong with measuring “Likes”? Nothing in and of itself, and a business will likely want to ratchet up some early likes to gain credibility and increase the chances that other page visitors will click that Like button. Yet not all likes are from people who are in your target market.

But the challenge is that Facebook users will seldom visit your company page after “Liking” you. So, you’ll have to interact with them in their Facebook newsfeed if you want to share your story with them. And unless they’ve interacted with you beyond that initial like (via sharing your story, clicking your links, liking your posts, or commenting), it’s quite possible they’ll never see those great Facebook posts you’ve been making.


Fortunately, there are tools to help measure and track how many of your fans are seeing and interacting with your posts. Facebook has developed a formula (called “EdgeRank”) that measures a fan’s affinity to your page. The higher the EdgeRank for a particular user, the more likely your posts are to appear in their newsfeed. While marketers don’t have access to the EdgeRank formula, the components that go into that formula are known. By combining an understanding of EdgeRank, actual user interaction data, and methods proven to consistently generate interaction, you can open doors to true, meaningful conversations with your fans… the right fans.

So, are you analyzing your Facebook interaction?