When to Change Your Logo

By March 31, 2011 No Comments

Earlier this year, Starbucks announced they were changing their logo. The new logo, which hit stores in March to coincide with their 40th anniversary, features updates to the “Sea Nymph” figure including broader lines and more emphasis on her face. But, the biggest change is the removal of the words “Starbucks Coffee” from the logo.

It was this change that created a stir in the marketing world. Some argued that removing the word “Starbucks” was a mistake, claiming it was too iconic to be discarded. Others saw the big picture and supported Starbuck’s move. Since Starbucks wants to expand its line to include such offerings as ice cream and packaged goods sold in grocery stores, removing “Starbucks” from the logo is a strategic move. Without the words, the logo now becomes a more flexible element that can be used in a variety of marketing pieces for a diverse line of products.

So, what factors drive a company to change their logo?

At Callis & Associates, we know the vital role a logo plays in building a company’s brand. A company’s logo is often the first impression a consumer has with that brand. The logo must make the right statement. Changing the design of an established logo takes a lot of strategic thought. Here are some reasons a logo change may be due.

  • Your company’s business has changed significantly over the years. The logo is no longer an accurate impression for your company.
  • The design of the logo was trendy at the time, but now looks terribly outdated.
  • Your company has grown and is now international. Your logo isn’t interpreted well inĀ other countries.
  • And, there are more.

The important thing to remember is that any change to a logo should be based on strategy and not on whim.

In Starbuck’s case, the company realized after taking a big hit during the recession that it needed to expand its product line to survive. That meant becoming more than just coffee. The logo is now poised to grow with the company.