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What in the World is Integrated Marketing?

By August 29, 2017 No Comments

When I started in the advertising business 30 years ago, coming up with a name was easy; Callis Advertising.  It really wasn’t that easy.  I struggled to come up with something that was strategic, clever and to the point.  I settled on my last name and what I intended to do; function as an advertising agency, create great ads, and research and buy effective media for my clients.

Things went well and people seemed to understand what I did for a living – oh, you create those ads I see on TV?  Yea, that’s me!  But as time went on, I got the opportunity to do other things for the same clients (and some new ones).  “Oh, you would like me to handle your Public Relations”?  Sure, I can do that, and so I evolved into an Advertising and Public Relations Firm, and I changed our name and incorporated as Callis & Associates, Inc.

In 1994 (or around that time), a crazy thing happened to the world – the world wide web.  We quickly jumped on board and registered the domain name to take advantage of what we saw as a huge opportunity.  ( was already taken by someone who obviously was more on it than I)!

So that was our entry into the digital world and clearly we were on the path (even though we didn’t know it yet) to become a digital marketing agency.  In our infancy in this area, we registered domains for other companies and built brochures into websites, but as technology evolved and we developed, we soon knew how to build a great website, how to be found by Google, how to drive traffic to websites and how to sell product online.  It truly revolutionized our business.

And then came Facebook, and social media was all the rage, so we jumped into that and soon were connecting with people like crazy, building content and distributing information faster than ever before.  We also learned how to monitor, track and measure results.  We could have been called a Social Media Agency, and after that a Content Marketing Company.

But during this time, a funny thing happened on the way to building a successful marketing firm.  Marketers discovered that when you strategized, coordinated and integrated all the elements of the marketing and promotional mix, including branding, advertising, public relations, POP, digital media and social/search together, you formed a powerful marketing program that was cohesive and effective.  Strategies aligned.  Messaging was the same. Media was coordinated and the same people you turned to for your advertising were also handling everything else, so you had one point of contact, one responsible party and one real marketing partner.  When everything was integrated, everything became far more effective. It also enabled you to use the data generated from each method to better your efforts in all areas.

We had become an Integrated Marketing Agency.

At Callis today, we employ a marketing theory called Atomization, in which you come up with a big idea, and then you break it up into lots of smaller ideas; tactics if you will.  They are all part of one big idea, so they have impact.  But in smaller pieces, each works on their own, and they all reinforce each other.  It’s a beautiful thing and it’s powerful;  Integration.

If you’re not integrating your marketing, media and messaging, you’re missing an opportunity to make your marketing program even more successful.  If we can help you get that done, please contact me directly at