Why Online Reputation Management is Important

Computer reputation management system including ratings and reviews.

What do you do when looking for a new product or service? If you are like me and everyone else in the world, I start with a Google or Amazon search. If a brand I trust appears, I will look at their offerings first. I don’t always have experience with the brands in the search…

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Podcast Advertising

man wearing headphones

Podcasts are continuing to grow in popularity with more and more active subscribers and listeners. According to MarketingProfs, nearly 30% of Americans now listen to at least one podcast on a regular basis, and more than 70 million people actively look for engaging podcast content.1 Podcast advertising presents some unique opportunities for your brand to…

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Text Me

Hunter reading sms marketing while hunting on a mountain.

SMS Mobile Marketing Statistics & Text Marketing Best Practices Text message marketing, or SMS marketing, has been becoming more and more popular due to its effectiveness. SMS marketing is short for short message service marketing and is a marketing tactic that uses permission-based text messaging to communicate promotional messages straight to the mobile devices of…

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Content Marketing and LinkedIn Advertising

Man in a Barn Researching a Brand on Linkedin.

LinkedIn has steadily grown since the platform launched in 2003 and has evolved into much more than a place to simply “find a job.” Today, LinkedIn has over 610 million active users around the world.1 It is a platform for people and businesses to connect, network and communicate. LinkedIn has evolved into much more than…

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The Buyer Wants to Buy

Man Researching Items on a Phone

In the ad agency business, no one is going to hire you just because you pick up the phone and ask them to. (If there is someone like that, send me your number and I’ll give you a call.) Same holds true for most every other product, category and industry too. People today want to…

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Amazon Advertising Platform | Why you may want to consider it

Amazon graphic on phone

Quick, think of the fields that Amazon is a leader! If you are like me, you probably thought of online shopping, in-home assistants, technology solutions and streaming entertainment. These are all good answers and have contributed to the reported 206.1 Million unique users for Amazon sites, just in the month of December 2018.1 There is at…

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Why Reddit Should be on Your Radar as a Business

Reddit Icon on a Phone Screen

Have you heard of Reddit? Chances are you have, but may not have a good understanding of the platform, and the ways you can utilize it in your marketing program. According to Bustle, Reddit, established in 2005, is the 7th most used site in the United States, only ranking behind Google, YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, Yahoo!,…

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7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Influencer Marketing

Behind the scenes look at Influencer marketing video

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on creating strategic messages and delivering those messages to individuals that have influence over your target audience. An influencer can be a blogger, YouTuber, Instagrammer, journalist, a popular forum personality or even a retail sales associate. Rather than the more traditional marketing approach of communicating directly…

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What is OTT Advertising?

smart tv with remote

Before we dive too deep into OTT advertising, I want to define what OTT is for those who are unfamiliar with the term. OTT or Over-the-Top television/media is the internet streaming option for television content and movies without a traditional TV contract. These services can be accessed on a phone, tablet, computer or even a…

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How Long Should My Content Be?

Content Marketing Long-from vs Short-form

Content Marketing continues to grow in importance and it continues to gain larger and larger portions of the marketing resource pie, and for good reason–it works. In a recent Content Marketing Institute podcast, Content Marketing pros Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose go as far as to suggest that within 10 years, Content Marketing will lose…

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Why You Should Get to Know Your Social Media Audiences

Power of Social Media graphic

Getting to know your social media followers is an important component of any successful social media marketing campaign. Market research allows us to get to know everything we can about customers so we can use that intel to go find new customers. In a similar fashion, we want to get to know everything we can…

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When To Use Programmatic Advertising

Hand touching center of advertising graphic

Have you ever been fishing without any luck? Spent most of your day trying with nothing to show for it? I know I have. After days like that, I always go through all the what ifs. What if I had tried at a different time, at a different spot or with a different bait? Maybe…

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Creating a Digital Advertising Strategy

marketing campaign funnel stages

The other day I was doing some basic maintenance on my lawn mower. Everything was going smoothly until I needed to remove a few pieces of hardware that were difficult to reach. Being stubborn, I wedged my pliers in there and tried to remove them. After a lot of time and effort, all I had…

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Where is Voice Search Heading?

An Alexa Voice Device - Where is Voice Search Heading

Recently we added Alexa to our home sound system.  Although she sits inconspicuously in a couple different spots in our house, she stands ready to assist to play music, find recipes, adjust sound levels and serve up any little tidbit of information we desire.  What a woman! I’ve been using Siri on my iPhone for…

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Let Data Drive Your Marketing Decisions

baseball field

Recently, I watched the movie, Moneyball, again. In case you haven’t seen it, It’s a very entertaining baseball movie based on the concept of tracking everything and making decisions based on what the data tells you. In the movie, the concept proved very successful. But it’s the movies, right? In the old days, baseball managers…

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Managing a Content Marketing Team

Managing a Content Marketing Team

If you’re managing a content marketing team you are likely well aware of the importance of content, and not just content, but really good content. But how can you lead your content marketing team to consistently and efficiently hammer out new, really good content? There’s no doubt this is a challenging question and I’m guessing…

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7 Digital Marketing Trends That Should Be on Your Radar

hands using phones and laptops

Recently a couple members of the Callis crew attended an AMI (Agency Management Institute) Digital Summit. AMI is a management consulting firm that specializes in helping marketing agencies like us take their performance to the next level—and keep improving. The Digital Summit is an interactive workshop where digital teams come together to learn about new…

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6 Tactics to Survive Facebook Algorithm Changes

phones with social media applications

At the beginning of the year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg publicly announced that Facebook would be making big changes throughout 2018. The overarching goal is to make Facebook more about personal, meaningful interactions between people. While this is a worthy goal, it does pose significant challenges for anyone using the platform for marketing. It also…

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Digital Marketing Certifications That Can Improve ROI

people using a laptop

Take a moment to reminisce on the year 1988, thirty years ago–George H. W. Bush is elected president, the Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series, the cost of a Super Bowl ad is $600,000, …. and Google wouldn’t be founded for another ten years. Going online to obtain a marketing certificate was unheard of.…

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Online Market Research

Customer purchasing an item on a tablet

Effective marketing is about relevance. The better we can respond to and fulfill the needs of our customers and potential customers, the more effective we will be in driving them to act and make a purchase. Why Customers Buy What They Buy Today, consumers must wade through an avalanche of emails, web pages, social media…

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