Access to Fiber Internet in Rural America

OUTdrive Episode 113 with Rick Lashley

OUTdrive Episode 113 with Rick Lashley Rural Americans and their operations are what keep the world running. Just like anyone else, these business owners, manufacturers and farmers need access to reliable internet, but many rural areas lack a reliable connection or wifi. GoNetspeed, a fiber internet provider formerly known as Otelco, is out to change…

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Lesson 30 – Over-Communicate

Lesson 30 - Over-Communicate

We’ve found over the past 35 years that you can’t communicate too much. Sure, you can wear people out with boring stories about all your travels, but when you’re working on a project, especially highly-technical and complicated ones like we work on, you can’t communicate enough. Going back a few years, we were fortunate to…

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Lesson 29 – Invest in Your Community

Lesson 29 - Invest in Your Community

Back in 2015, our city faced the need and the opportunity to pass a Use Tax that would be used to fund needed infrastructure and services. The issue made a lot of sense, and in fact, we had worked with their state association a couple of years prior to create a templated campaign that all…

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Find Your MO

OUTdrive Episode 112 with Stephen Foutes

OUTdrive Episode 112 with Stephen Foutes Under the umbrella of the Department of Economic Development, the Missouri Division of Tourism oversees the state’s marketing effort to attract visitors to Missouri. And those efforts are pretty important, considering they produce a 13.5 billion-dollar impact. As the Director of Tourism and a lifelong Missourian, Stephen Foutes quite…

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Lesson 28 – Business is Synergistic

Lesson 28 - Business is Synergistic

We find many times in business that our clients face the same types of opportunities and challenges that we do. We see business models that are similar to ours. We learn how our clients’ business development and sales cycles parallel ours. Maybe that’s just the B2B world, but it’s uncanny. LammTech is one of those…

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What is Repurposing Content in Marketing?

What is Content Repurposing?

There are two major ways to get the most out of your content. The first is to repurpose older content and republish it with up-to-date information. The second is to repurpose it across all your platforms, including social media, blogs, email and more. Both options allow you to take advantage of content that is already…

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Serving Rural American Communities

OUTdrive Episode 111 with Blake Mills & David Swearingen

OUTdrive Episode 111 with Blake Mills and David Swearingen We are coming up on the best 11 days of the year – the Missouri State Fair. One of our favorite parts of the Fair is interacting with the partners and sponsors who make it all possible. Today, I’m joined by Family Center Farm and Home…

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Lesson 27 – Be Prepared

Lesson 27 - Be Prepared

Over the years, we’ve had literally hundreds of opportunities to pitch ideas and new business. Most times, we’ve gone above and beyond, but unfortunately, there are times we have fallen short. The key is in preparation. Borrowing from the Boy Scout motto of “Be Prepared,” we’ve always tried to be overly prepared for every presentation.…

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Seeing the Whole Picture

OUTdrive Episode 110 with Megan Hartman

OUTdrive Episode 110 with Megan Hartman What makes a great marketer? Someone who is strategic? Yes. Detail-oriented? Absolutely. Asks good questions? Certainly! All of these skills are part of the equation, but they also need to be business savvy. A great marketer should be able to look at the client’s business as a whole, see…

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Lesson 26 – Pay It Forward

Lesson 26 - Pay It Forward

At Callis, we’ve always had the philosophy that we should give back, whether that’s in the community, the industry or an organization that does great things for good people who need their help. Over the years, members of Callis leadership has been involved in the volunteer leadership for the Center for Human Services, a Missouri…

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Be Committed to Marketing

SOLOCAST | Episode 109

OUTdrive Episode 109 | SOLOCAST Getting into business is easy, but it’s just as easy to go out. I’m always amazed at businesses that you’ve never heard of that run a massive advertising campaign to tell the market they’re going out of business. Why didn’t they spend some of those advertising dollars before now? Business…

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Lesson 25 – Follow the Process

Lesson 25 - Follow the Process

In our agency, we use a strategic insight process we’ve learned and perfected to identify the one key message point that will really stand out and resonate with a target audience. We’ve used it many times and one of the most recent is with our work with the City of Sedalia, Missouri. We’ve been fortunate…

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Paws with a Purpose

OUTdrive Episode 108: Paws with a Purpose

OUTdrive Episode 108 with Kyle Cory-Yaeggi and Laura Erganian They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but for some individuals, their dog is a lifeline. Right here in rural America, we are privileged to have a nationally recognized organization and facility dedicated to raising, training, and placing service dogs with people in need.…

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Lesson 24 – Believe in What You Do

Lesson 24 - Believe in What You Do

Over the years, we’ve built our business on the rural American lifestyle. Sure, we’ve had lots of clients who didn’t necessarily fall into this category, but for sure, it’s been our bread and butter and where we focus our efforts today. Some of our earliest experiences in this market focused on marketing outdoor sports products…

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The Power of Marketing Personas

The Power of Personas

Building a marketing plan without knowing your audience is like building a house without blueprints. Who are you trying to reach, and with what message or goal in mind? Identifying these things is vital to an effective marketing plan. Whether you are a small business developing your first campaign, or a well-established large corporation, personas…

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Defining Actionable Data

OUTdrive Episode 107 with JJ Reynolds

OUTdrive Episode 107 with JJ Reynolds In today’s world, you can get data on just about anything. This leads to many businesses drowning in reports of thousands of rows of numbers. At Callis, we like to say that “data without action is just trivia,” meaning that unless you can do something with it, it’s just…

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Lesson 23 – Face the Music

Lesson 23 - Face the Music

We started hearing about Facebook back around 2010 as the college students we knew shared the ways they were using it. It sounded interesting, and valuable to an extent, but we had no idea it would become what it has. When the opportunity came along for us in the non-academic world to start using it,…

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Marketing Real Estate in Rural America

OUTdrive Episode 106

Episode 106 with Dave and Ryan Wiedeman In rural America, we do business with people we know, like and trust, especially with major purchases or services. Buying a home is typically one of the largest investments a person will make in their lifetime and it helps to know someone to be by your side throughout…

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Lesson 22 – Sometimes You Have to Pivot

Lesson 22 - Sometimes You Have to Pivot

Back in 2020, many businesses recognized the need to pivot to either survive or capitalize on the effects of the pandemic. I think most marketers would agree that the word “pivot” became greatly overused, but it was the right term and the right thing to do at the time. But pivoting can also be needed…

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Creating a Big, Bold Brand

OUTdrive Episode 105 with Karley Cunningham

OUTdrive Episode 105 with Karley Cunningham When it comes to “branding,” there is a lot of ambiguity. What is a brand? Can you measure how a brand works? How do you use it as part of a marketing plan? This is where our guest Karley Cunningham, a branding strategist and “Big Thinker,” comes into play.…

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