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Marketing Solutions

Marketing Solutions

Since 1987, we’ve helped clients solve business problems through strategic marketing solutions.

We can help you uncover business opportunities for growth and capitalize on those opportunities to take your marketing program and business to new heights.

Research, data and insight are the foundation of everything we do. We’ll take a deep dive into your business and will bring you fresh ideas to lead your brand forward.

With years of strategic experience and proven results, our team can help you build your brand and your business.

Marketing Solutions Services

Here are some examples of strategic ways we’ve helped our clients:

Declining Sales

Missouri State Fair

After years and years of State Fairs, admission ticket sales and sales within the Fair’s gates began to decline. Through strategic marketing campaigns, we were able to get people interested in the Fair again. Not only did we see the trend reverse, but we saw attendance and ticket sales increase year over year.

Penetrating a new market

Wood & Huston

Expanding into a new market with many players, but with plenty of opportunities, Wood & Huston needed strategic and effective messaging. Together, we created and launched a large-scale, multimedia outreach program centered around inviting and educational messaging and leveraged strategically in a variety of ways to bring in new customers.

Expanding Product/Service Lines


Missourians were familiar with propane but were unaware of all the different ways they could use propane appliances in their home to take advantage of its performance, efficiency and comfort. The Welcome Home campaign was developed to inspire Missourians to want to live the “propane lifestyle”. It built awareness for the many applications of propane appliances in the home and drove consumers into Missouri’s propane dealers and to the Propane Missouri website to learn more.



Boyds knew that a key area of growth would be the consumer market. Boyds called upon Callis to develop a strategic marketing plan to tap into the consumer market, increase brand awareness and create significant new demand for products. Callis built a strategic marketing program for Boyds from the ground up with the design and launch of an innovative new logo and a bold new advertising campaign titled, “The Naked Truth” to create brand awareness and new demand.

Brand Differentiation


Parkhurst called on Callis to help them analyze their brand and position it with a new and exciting energy. The Discovery, Research and Strategic Insight process revealed two areas of opportunity for Parkhurst to focus on to creatively differentiate their brand against some of the larger players in the market. The Next Generation of Parkhurst Manufacturing was created, branded and strategically used to generate new leads and sales.

Adding Consumer Direct sales


The owners of Starline made the decision to offer their products direct to consumers. There were several other established brands marketing similar products and as an OEM, Starline had very little name recognition at the consumer level. The Callis team created and executed an aggressive print media and public relations campaign and created the theme, “A Great Shot Starts with Starline.” Sales and new customers began to grow and Starline was recently voted the #1 Reloading Brass Brand in America through a consumer survey conducted by a national research company, Southwick Associates.

Driving Website Traffic


When Google and Facebook say you can’t advertise based on restrictions because of the nature of your product, you have to get creative in reaching new customers and driving web traffic. Callis developed and implemented a strategic content marketing program to deliver highly targeted organic search traffic, build Starline’s reputation as an authority within the industry, and increase awareness of the Starline brand and products among reloaders. Through multiple series of written articles and creative videos targeting search interest categories and keywords, Callis elevated Starline’s search and web presence. This strategy increased Starline’s footprint across multiple channels, expanded their search engine visibility, and built on their reputation as an industry expert.