Our Philosophy

Discovering and fully understanding each client’s unique project objectives and needs are a central component of our business mission. Fulfilling those needs enables Callis to maintain an earned reputation for credibility and performance.

Callis people serve you better, using refined skills to lead a more productive project team. Our professionals take charge early to assemble, enable, equip and motivate our team to complete projects more efficiently and in closer accord with client objectives. By contributing the same talents to our communities and our industry, we achieve positive results that clearly benefit our society, our clients and our people.

Professionalism is our culture. Every employee at Callis is a specialist and continually trained in his or her respective role, gaining new knowledge, learning new methods and employing new technologies to better serve our clients. Callis professionalism extends to the manner in which we build relationships within our team, our clients, and our vendors. Standards of professionalism, ethics, attitude and commitment to service are fully embraced by the Callis team.

An expressive work environment stimulates innovation and imagination in our people, a talented group of individuals. Callis team members are encouraged to use this diversity for creative problem solving and to help them discover opportunities. Our inspirational atmosphere brings out the very best in our people and thereby helps us produce the very best results for clients.

Our team is committed to serving our clients more effectively through technology. By using the most productive equipment and systems available and being committed to personal growth through education and training, our people deliver a comprehensive offering of services, immediate response and a higher-quality product.

Fanatical is the word we use to describe the Callis commitment to quality. It shows in the lasting client relationships we have established and nurtured over the years. It shows in our ability to achieve excellence and to translate that into tangible value for our clients. It shows in the process of our work, in the high caliber people retained over the years to fulfill our business mission, and in the decisions we make with you and on your behalf. At Callis, quality is a major component of everything we do, and it shows.

Callis conducts business today by setting its sights on the future. This philosophy means that earning, keeping and sharing the confidence of the people we do business with is the foundation of our company. Most of our annual volume is attributable to those with whom we have ongoing relationships. At Callis, building trust is paramount to building service.