Growing Through Faith

OUTdrive episode 173 with Chris Guffey

OUTdrive Episode 173 with Chris Guffey Out here in rural America, as well as in cities, many churches are struggling to stay relevant and meet the needs of its members and society. For most churches, bouncing back from the effects of the pandemic has been challenging, as people have gotten out of the habit, lost…

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Real-Time Data Visualization

OUTdrive Episode 172 with Jim Barker

OUTdrive Episode 172 with Jim Barker Over the past few years, it has become faster, better and easier to collect data on practically anything. Technology tools like artificial intelligence and predictive analytics are driving this capability and we don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. But as more and more data is collected, the question…

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Connecting the Ag Community

OUTdrive episode 170 with Kate Lambert

OUTdrive Episode 171 with Kate Lambert There are many opportunities for young men and women to work in the world of agriculture, whether that’s on the farm, marketing or selling products or serving the ag community in some way. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of challenges that can sometimes get in the way but…

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Maximizing Potential: Benefits of Website Maintenance and Updates

Benefits of Website Maintenance and Updates

Your website’s launch was a significant milestone, but the process doesn’t end there. In fact, it’s just the beginning. Regularly updating your website is a strategic move that holds numerous benefits for sustained success. Establishing a Successful Content Marketing and SEO Program A website isn’t just an online brochure – it’s a dynamic platform for…

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Making Sense Out of Insurance

OUTdrive episode 170 with Sonny Broyles

OUTdrive Episode 170 with Sonny Broyles Insurance is one of those things you need, but you hope you never need to use. I really think most people don’t really understand insurance. Think about it. When have you ever read an insurance policy from start to finish? There is always fine print in your policy. There…

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Thanking America’s Labor

OUTdrive Episode 169 | SOLOCAST

OUTdrive Episode 169 | Solocast Today’s short solocast is about labor, and I’m proud to say I work with some of the best labor talent you’ll find anywhere. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to work with a lot of great people – great associates, great clients, and great partners, many of whom have become…

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Strategy Drives Everything

OUTdrive episode 168 with Steve Dust

OUTdrive Episode 168 with Steve Dust In our advertising agency and with our clients, strategy is at the forefront of everything we do. Solid strategy built on good data can be the difference between success and failure, and I’ve found over the years that some people are really good at it. One of those people…

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Inspiring Others

OUTdrive episode 167 with Kelsey Miller

OUTdrive Episode 167 with Kelsey Miller For some people, inspiration comes from music, nature or animals. Others are inspired by the words and actions of people, like Kelsey Miller, an incoming freshman at Mizzou and the 2023 Missouri State Fair Queen. Kelsey grew up on her family farm in Jonesburg, Missouri and for years, has…

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Busy People Get Things Done

OUTdrive episode 166 with Chris Chinn

OUTdrive Episode 166 with Chris Chinn Busy people know how to get things done and our guest today is one busy woman working in agriculture. As a wife, mother, farmer and director of the Missouri Department of Agriculture, Chris Chinn is leading the way in the state’s largest industry. Most people would be amazed at…

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The Value of a Brand

The Value of a Brand

In a surprising move, Twitter, the social media giant known for its iconic bird logo and 280-character tweets, recently announced its decision to rebrand as “X.” The news took the internet by storm, sparking discussions among users, analysts, and industry experts. For those companies considering a rebrand, using X can become either a cautionary tale…

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Advocating for Agriculture

OUTdrive episode 165 with Elsie Kigar

OUTdrive Episode 165 with Elsie Kigar The opportunities for women working in agriculture are tremendous and the Missouri State Fair has opened the door for many over the years. This year’s fair theme is Where Traditions Grow, and one of the traditions the fair opens with each year is its queen contest. Today’s guest is…

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Growing the Missouri Wine Industry

OUTdrive episode 164 with Annette Alden

OUTdrive Episode 164 with Annette Alden Missouri has a rich history of winemaking and in fact has been credited with helping to save the French wine industry. Today, there are nearly 130 wineries, hundreds of grape growers and thousands of jobs in this growing industry, right here in our state. To help make it grow,…

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Where Traditions Grow

OUTdrive Episode 163 with Kari Mergen | Women in Agriculture series

OUTdrive Episode 163 with Kari Mergen Every year at this time, our advertising agency is busy putting the finishing touches on the marketing campaign for the Missouri State Fair, one of our oldest clients. We love the fair and all the traditions that make the fair what it is, which is what inspired the theme…

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RACE Model: The Key to New PR Success

Race Model: The Key to New PR Success

In the world of public relations (PR), leveraging opportunities and developing a strategic plan is crucial for businesses to set themselves apart, enhance their reputation, and drive profitability. While PR can have different meanings for different companies, the key lies in adopting a strategic approach. The RACE model–Research, Action planning, Communication, and Evaluation–can help businesses…

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The Story Tells Itself

OUTdrive episode 162 with Aaron Oelger

OUTdrive Episode 162 with Aaron Oelger It’s almost a perfect scenario in marketing when you’re at a place where the story practically tells itself. Great brand with history and reputation. Great people with a real passion for what they do. Great products that you just can’t get enough of. Our guest today is proud to…

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Create and Compete with Robotics

OUTdrive episode 161 with Michael Wright

OUTdrive Episode 161 with Michael Wright There are a lot of cool things going on in our schools today that many people might be surprised to hear about, like robotics. Innovation is driving technology and our local high school is leading the way with a nationally recognized robotics program that gives students the opportunity to…

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Sharing a Legacy

OUTdrive episode 160 with Justin Hubbs

OUTdrive Episode 160 with Justin Hubbs It’s always interesting when business models change to meet our changing world. A great example is real estate where the online auction platform has transformed the industry. Listen in to my conversation with Justin Hubbs, a Real Estate District Manager with BigIron Realty. BigIron burst on the scene in…

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Technology Drives Marketing

OUTdrive episode 159 with Chris Young

OUTdrive Episode 159 with Chris Young Technology is driving marketing today, just like it is in almost every industry. Over the last 30 years, our society has experienced a revolution in the way digital marketing has emerged and developed. Chris Young has lived it firsthand, as a computer salesman, a businessman, a digital director for…

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Empowering Rural America

OUTdrive Episode 158 with Taylor Moreland

OUTdrive Episode 158 with Taylor Moreland You know, sometimes we get a bad rap out here in the country that we’re behind the curve in the use of technology and innovation, but honestly, nothing could be further from the truth. Our guest today is proof of that. Taylor Moreland is the founder and owner of…

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Ongoing Success with the PR Cycle

Ongoing Success with the PR Cycle

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, establishing and maintaining a strong public relations (PR) program is crucial for businesses to effectively communicate with their target audience. By implementing an ongoing PR cycle, you can ensure that your brand remains in the public eye, drives customer engagement and ultimately contributes to your company’s success. The key steps…

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