Unique Skill Set Drives Digital Performance

OUTdrive epsiode 209 with Andrew Stallcup

OUTdrive Episode 209 with Andrew Stallcup

Andrew Stallcup, a digital marketing strategist at Callis, has a unique background for his role with our marketing agency. After serving in the military working in psychological operations (code word: marketing), Andrew further developed his skill set to evolve into a strategist focusing on the business side of digital.

Andrew offers a fascinating perspective on the importance of strategy in our campaigns and the significant role of influencer marketing in today’s landscape. His military background parallels the core of what we do in marketing and his experiences in Iraq and Africa, along with his current role in training the next generation of military personnel, have equipped him with a unique skill set that translates seamlessly into the digital marketing sphere.

Join us today to delve into the complex world of digital marketing strategy.