Building Success from the Ground Up

OUTdrive episode 207 with Tim Kondratyuk

OUTdrive Episode 208 with Tim Kondratyuk Tim Kondratyuk’s story is a classic narrative of American determination, tracing his roots back to Ukrainian immigrant parents and a childhood on a Missouri farm. As the eldest of nine, Tim’s early life was defined by hard work and resilience, qualities that have served him well in his entrepreneurial…

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Lights, Camera, Marketing

OUTdrive episode 206 with Nicholas Harrison

OUTdrive Episode 206 with Nicholas Harrison Nicholas Harrison, a Canadian-born author, actor, and self-proclaimed Jedi, has led an extraordinary life that intertwines with the world of entertainment and creativity. With a Ph.D. in film and theater history, Nick’s career spans 35 years, covering various roles from a fight director and stunt performer to a morning…

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The Art of Attracting Crowds

OUTdrive episode 205 with Gary Slater

OUTdrive Episode 205 with Gary Slater Ever wonder how the Missouri and Iowa State Fairs became such beloved events? According to Gary Slater, formerly the director of both fairs, “It’s all about vision and teamwork.” Gary’s insights into the art of drawing crowds to these agricultural, entertainment and community celebrations reveal a shared belief in…

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A Vision for the Missouri State Fair

OUTdrive episode 204 with Jason Moore

OUTdrive Episode 204 with Jason Moore It’s not every day you meet someone who has built their career from the ground up. Jason Moore’s rise from a homebuilder to carpenter at the Missouri State Fairgrounds to Missouri State Fair director is a testament to his dedication, hard work, and passion. His journey began with hands-on…

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Transforming Rural Health Care

OUTdrive Episode 203 with Dr. Misty Todd

OUTdrive Episode 203 with Dr. Misty Todd Growing up on a farm teaches the value of community and caring—not just for the land and animals, but for the people around us. Dr. Misty Todd grew up on a farm in northeast Missouri, where she learned the values of diligence, community service, and caring for others,…

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Adapting to Changes in Industry

OUTdrive episode 202 with Mike Hill

OUTdrive Episode 202 with Mike Hill In today’s competitive industry, marketing strategies like trade shows and fostering long-term client relationships are crucial for sustainable business growth. Mike Hill, general manager of Big Rocks Engineering, a company making significant strides in the manufacturing and engineering sector, shares the importance of trade shows in their marketing strategy.…

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Navigating the World of Travel

OUTdrive episode 201 with Jamie Anderson

OUTdrive Episode 201 with Jamie Anderson Crafting the perfect trip is not just about finding a spot on the sand, it’s about creating a travel experience that dives deeper into your passions. Jamie Anderson is an independent travel consultant known for her personalized travel planning and rural Missouri charm. Despite the digital age making travel…

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Banking on Community

OUTdrive episode 200 with Doug Fish

OUTdrive Episode 200 with Doug Fish Doug Fish, CEO of BTC Bank, is a true embodiment of rural American values and a visionary in community banking. From his humble beginnings on a small dairy farm to leading BTC Bank’s expansion to 23 locations across Missouri and Iowa, his story is one of hard work and…

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Where Manufacturing Meets Marketing

OUTdrive episode 199 with Michael Eaton

OUTdrive Episode 199 with Michael Eaton It’s fascinating how chance encounters can lead to monumental projects and a pivotal moment that completely changes the course of your career. In this episode, Michael Eaton, the Executive Director of the Missouri Association of Manufacturers, recounts the ‘God moments’ that led to his incredible journey from architecture to…

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Connecting Business Buyers and Sellers

OUTdrive episode 198 with Wayne Swisher

OUTdrive Episode 198 with Wayne Swisher Sometimes, the best investment is in the next generation. Seasoned entrepreneur Wayne Swisher collaborated with his wife Kelly to create Waymaker, a platform to connect retiring business owners with young, aspiring entrepreneurs. Together, they encourage every individual to stay active in business and community life, regardless of age, and…

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The Voice Behind the Brand

OUTdrive Episode 197 with Michael Ashcraft

OUTdrive Episode 197 with Michael Ashcraft Ever wonder what it takes to bring a brand to life? It’s not just about the visuals; it’s the voice that often resonates with us. Today’s guest, Michael Ashcraft, a professional voice and on-screen talent who you may know as the voice of the Missouri State Fair, dives into…

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From Farm Roots to a Creative Career

OUTdrive Episode 196 with Linda Harris Can you imagine mastering a skill set that’s 852 hours in the making? That’s the reality for students in the graphic design program at the Career Technology Center (CTC) at State Fair Community College, where instructor Linda Harris molds the creative minds of tomorrow. With an emphasis on industry-standard…

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From Field to Film

OUTdrive episode 195 with Aaron Warbritton

OUTdrive Epsiode 195 with Aaron Warbritton Aaron Warbritton’s journey from a small-town upbringing to a trailblazer in the hunting video industry is a tale of passion and perseverance. Raised in a close-knit farming community in Missouri, Aaron’s childhood was steeped in the traditions of hunting and fishing. These early experiences fostered a profound respect for…

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Part 2: Be Bold!

OUTdrive episode 194 with Paul Ruppert

OUTdrive Episode 194 with Paul Ruppert Did you know that local charm can be your ticket to global markets? In part two of this two-episode series, I sat down again with Paul Ruppert, an international strategy consultant, to discuss how rural American companies can craft compelling stories around their unique products. These narratives resonate not…

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Part 1: Be Bold!

OUTdrive episode 193 with Paul Ruppert

OUTdrive Episode 193 with Paul Ruppert Sometimes, you really never know what you’re getting into when you jump into a business opportunity, or where it might take you. For our guest today, opportunities have taken him all over the world, and then some. Paul Ruppert is an international strategy consultant with a specialty in mobile…

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Cultivating Success in Marketing

OUTdrive Episode 192 with Gunther Hartman

OUTdrive Episode 192 with Gunther Hartman Effective marketing isn’t just about the message, it’s about the medium and the people, too. In this episode, Gunther Hartman, head of marketing and human resources at Zimmerman Manufacturing, gives us a peek into their high-quality content creation—from drones to testimonials. It’s about crafting stories that resonate and visuals…

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Shot Show Highlights

OUTdrive Episode 190

OUTdrive Episode 190 with Seth Brunkhorst and Darren Grove The Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show is an annual event that brings together retailers, distributors, media, marketers, and other industry professionals to explore the latest innovations and strategies in the outdoor industry. Callis account executives Darren Grove and Seth Brunkhorst joined Cliff at this…

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Innovation in Small Town America

OUTdrive Episode 189 with Deb Brown

OUTdrive Episode 189 with Deb Brown Innovation is everywhere and in rural America, it shows up in everyday places. In small towns, from coast to coast, entrepreneurs are using new ideas, new technologies, and out of the box ingenuity to start and grow successful businesses and energize communities. Sometimes, it takes an outside perspective to…

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Helping Small Business Thrive

OUTdrive Episode 188 with Darline Mabins and Duan Gavel

OUTdrive Episode 188 with Darline Mabins and Duan Gavel There are endless opportunities in rural America for entrepreneurs to start and grow successful businesses. However, not everyone is going to have all the skills and experience necessary to sustain it. Most of us need support in areas where we might be weak. Many times, entrepreneurs…

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Building a Brand with Digital

OUTdrive Episode 187 with Gabriella Ellis

OUTdrive Episode 187 with Gabriella Ellis Savvy marketers know that digital is driving brand awareness and sales in today’s world. But there are so many forms and variations for digital, how do you decide which ones to use? In today’s episode, you’ll hear from a young marketing professional who understands her markets and knows what’s…

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