Building a Brand with Digital

OUTdrive Episode 187 with Gabriella Ellis

OUTdrive Episode 187 with Gabriella Ellis Savvy marketers know that digital is driving brand awareness and sales in today’s world. But there are so many forms and variations for digital, how do you decide which ones to use? In today’s episode, you’ll hear from a young marketing professional who understands her markets and knows what’s…

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Lead Generation: Key Strategies for Modern Customer Acquisition

Lead Generation Infographic

Where Do Leads Come From? In today’s competitive market, it’s a challenge for marketers to identify the best sources for acquiring new customers. Understanding lead generation strategies and programs are essential for simplifying customer acquisition. These programs integrate advanced marketing strategies with common sense tactics to effectively engage today’s consumers. Let’s explore a few tactics…

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Real-Time Data Visualization

OUTdrive Episode 172 with Jim Barker

OUTdrive Episode 172 with Jim Barker Over the past few years, it has become faster, better and easier to collect data on practically anything. Technology tools like artificial intelligence and predictive analytics are driving this capability and we don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. But as more and more data is collected, the question…

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Technology Drives Marketing

OUTdrive episode 159 with Chris Young

OUTdrive Episode 159 with Chris Young Technology is driving marketing today, just like it is in almost every industry. Over the last 30 years, our society has experienced a revolution in the way digital marketing has emerged and developed. Chris Young has lived it firsthand, as a computer salesman, a businessman, a digital director for…

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Navigating Marketing Challenges

OUTdrive episode 142 with Don Schlesselman

OUTdrive Episode 141 with Don Schlesselman Terms like sales and marketing often get thrown around interchangeably but are also two departments that sometimes compete with each other for resources within a business. We think it’s not only possible but vital for these teams to be on the same page. Today’s guest, Don Schlesselman, knows that…

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Talking the Big Game

OUTdrive Episode 140 with Ivy Reynolds

OUTdrive Episode 140 with Ivy Reynolds It’s almost that time of year again. When friends and family gather together around the TV to watch commercials, and maybe catch some football in between. That’s right – it’s time for the Super Bowl. In this episode, Ivy Reynolds returns to OUTdrive to talk all things advertising during…

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Why Online Reputation Management is Important

Why Online Reputation Matters

It used to be that word-of-mouth advertising was the goose that laid the golden egg. One satisfied customer told another who in turn told another until your business was full of happy customers all eager to spend money. Today’s customers are just as willing to spread the news about your business, but these water-cooler conversations…

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Twitter Changes and Brand Security

A person scrolling Twitter on a smart phone

How Do the Changes to Twitter Impact Brands? With all the recent changes to Twitter and other big tech companies, many are wondering if their relationship with these companies should also change. Questions about brand safety, security and the possible migration of end-users have many wondering which channels are now best for their brand. Big…

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Connecting with People Through Loyalty

OUTdrive episode 129 with Mark Ross-Smith

OUTdrive Episode 129 with Mark Ross-Smith Every loyalty program should be designed to do one primary function: connect people; connect people to the things they want, to the rewards they can earn, or the status they want to attain. For example, we see commercials all the time for companies emphasizing their points, miles, and perks…

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Part 2: Investing in Digital Marketing

OUTdrive episode 127 Part 2 with Steve Kroll

OUTdrive Episode 127 with Steve Kroll When a consumer comes across your online presence, can they tell who you are? Or, maybe more importantly, can they tell what you are not? In our second episode with Steve Kroll, we discuss why businesses located in the Midwest should be leaning into what they know and asking…

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Part 1: Predictability of Search Engine Marketing

OUTdrive episode 126 Part 1 with Steve Kroll

OUTdrive Episode 126 with Steve Kroll How do you know if your marketing campaign is working? Not all channels are created equally when it comes to reporting. Fortunately, digital marketing avenues such as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), offer the value of predictive analytics and effective reach. In the first episode of a two-part podcast series,…

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Why Online Accuracy Matters

Why Online Accuracy Matters - person holding a cell phone with a search bar

Sometimes the tiniest things make a big difference. Business owners today are so busy thinking about their product, customer satisfaction, payroll, hiring or a host of other legitimate concerns, that they may overlook the most mundane of tasks. Simply assuming that your online contact information is correct may be one of those tasks and have…

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Five Tips for Creating an Organic Content Plan

Five Tips for Creating an Organic Content Plan, image of a phone with like and comments

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the founding of Callis & Associates. To celebrate this milestone, in January we launched the #CallisTurns35 campaign across our digital and social platforms. Every week for the first 35 weeks of the year, we shared a lesson from each year Callis has been in business and highlighted clients…

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Simplifying SEO and Digital Marketing

OUTdrive Episode 117 with Rogelio Rodriguez

OUTdrive Episode 117 with Rogelio Rodriguez We know there can be a lot of complexity surrounding digital marketing, specifically within the topic of Search Engine Optimization. But, when you break it down, SEO can be simplified to crafting the most relevant and accurate answers to your consumer’s frequently asked questions. In this episode, agency owner…

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What is Repurposing Content in Marketing?

What is Content Repurposing?

There are two major ways to get the most out of your content. The first is to repurpose older content and republish it with up-to-date information. The second is to repurpose it across all your platforms, including social media, blogs, email and more. Both options allow you to take advantage of content that is already…

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Leveraging Lightweight Videos in Your Marketing

Leveraging Lightweight Videos in Your Marketing

Video is one of the most effective ways to reach audiences and share your content. It is visual, personal and captures the attention of viewers. Digital and social media platforms continue to prioritize video, but it can be difficult to produce videos due to the time and investment needed to create one. So how can…

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Changes in Social Shopping

Individuals use social media for a variety of reasons, but its influence extends beyond the screen into everyday life. It is a source of information and it influences people’s opinions, behaviors and purchases.1 One of the fastest-growing uses of social media is social shopping. Platforms continue to expand into e-commerce and introduce new features for…

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Why is it Important to Keep Your Website Updated?

Benefits of Website Updates

For businesses out here in rural America, a strong digital presence is vital for connecting with local and non-local customers. With almost two billion websites in the world, chances are your company has its own website that connects your audience to your brand. Your website is one of the first places people go when seeking…

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What #FacebookDown Means for Your Content Marketing

What Facebook Being Down Means

Last week, Facebook and other connected apps including Instagram and WhatsApp were down for nearly a day. In fact, many users were left wondering if the platform was gone for good given the recent news coverage surrounding them. Although it’s surprising and frustrating when you can’t access frequently used apps, this isn’t the first time…

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Video Marketing Trends in 2021

2021 Video Marketing Trends

As part of our 2021 marketing trends series, we are diving into trends in video marketing and how you can incorporate video into your marketing strategy. Video continues to perform well, with individuals watching over one billion hours of video on YouTube each day.1 It is personal, easy to consume and provides a feeling of…

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