Navigating Marketing Challenges

OUTdrive episode 142 with Don Schlesselman

OUTdrive Episode 141 with Don Schlesselman

Terms like sales and marketing often get thrown around interchangeably but are also two departments that sometimes compete with each other for resources within a business. We think it’s not only possible but vital for these teams to be on the same page. Today’s guest, Don Schlesselman, knows that better than most. His expertise and leadership in both areas allow Angler’s Port Marine to reap the benefits of a synergistic sales and marketing program, year after year, even with all the challenges that marketers face in today’s world.

Don is the Sales and Marketing Manager at Angler’s Port Marine, located near Truman Lake in Central Missouri. Since joining the team in 2017, his efforts have helped put Angler’s Port Marine on the Boating Industry’s list of Top 100 Boat Dealers for two consecutive years. Don has over 30 years of sales and marketing experience from multiple industries, including beverage, food distribution, and radio station management. Outside of his role at “The Port,” Don spends his time giving back by raising funds, distributing water filters and supporting schools and orphanages in Tanzania, East Africa.

Tune into this episode to find out why combining sales and marketing efforts can help reel in more business and convert customers.


  • 1:45 – Don shares his background and outlines his career journey to Angler’s Port Marine
  • 3:15 – Cliff and Don discuss the benefits of combining sales and marketing efforts
  • 6:45 – Don shares what marketing pieces he has working to generate new leads and ultimately drive sales
  • 8:50 – Don talks about the importance of the Missouri State Fair for Angler’s Port Marine
  • 11:30 – Don outlines some of the new features and technology a buyer might find on a boat today
  • 15:00 – An overview of Angler’s Port Marine and how they approach their business
  • 20:15 – Don and Cliff talk about working in an industry that you are passionate about
  • 22:15 – Don explains how Angler’s Port Marine came to be on the Top 100 Boat Dealers list in the last two years
  • 23:30 – Don shares changes he has seen in consumer preferences and behavior
  • 27:45 – Inside perspective on the boating manufacturing and supply chain and how it may influence the market in 2023
  • 29:45 – How far people are willing to drive to buy a boat in Warsaw, Missouri
  • 32:30 – Don explains all the services they offer at Angler’s Port Marine
  • 34:30 – Don talks about his passion for the children he sponsors in Africa and details on ZZ Pendana, a foundation he started in 2007
  • 39:15 – Don’s closing thoughts on doing things that serve other people