Twitter Changes and Brand Security

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How Do the Changes to Twitter Impact Brands?

With all the recent changes to Twitter and other big tech companies, many are wondering if their relationship with these companies should also change. Questions about brand safety, security and the possible migration of end-users have many wondering which channels are now best for their brand.

Big Tech Companies are Feeling the Crunch

Twitter, along with tech giants Meta and Amazon have recently made headlines by reducing their headcount. Others, like Stripe and Salesforce have also scaled down to remain competitive.

Twitter has undergone a different sort of transformation. In addition to downsizing, they now have a new owner. The new owner, himself a free speech advocate, wants to privatize the company and reintroduce the ‘free’ in free speech. And while change may be the only constant in business, this recent change has many wondering if Twitter is still right for them or their business.

Should My Brand Use Twitter?

Twitter has around 450 million active monthly users, with the United States boasting the largest number of users. The largest demographic is the age group 25 – 34. Twitter generated over $5 billion in revenue in 2021 and remains a very recognizable brand.1 By all accounts, Twitter still demands attention.

Brand Safety and Twitter

To complicate matters, Twitter has a trust issue. One of the hallmarks of Twitter has always been the blue checkmark. This mark was used to verify that the author of Tweets was really who they claimed they were. The recent shake-up has given anyone who owns a cell phone and is willing to pay a subscription fee the ability to self-verify into the person of their choosing.2 That’s right, for the effort required to set up a new account and a small fee, your account can now display a blue checkmark – just like the celebrities.

Eli Lilly was recently forced to apologize for a fake account that Tweeted a message advertising free insulin. While this is only one example, it illustrates new brand safety concerns that could plague the platform, especially with new accounts that could be more easily impersonated than established brands. This lack of security could make it harder to establish trust on this platform.

Additionally, Twitter recently disbanded its independent Trust and Safety Council. This group helped to address sensitive issues on the platform such as hate speech, child exploitation, suicide and more. This raises more concerns as Twitter’s plan on how to combat these issues in the future is unclear.3

Also, if you haven’t already, this would be a good time to implement social monitoring. How customers perceive your brand is important, and these perceptions are commonly shared throughout social media platforms. Listening is important, and a monitoring program will keep you abreast of public sentiment and ahead of safety concerns.

Find Your Audience and Reach Them There

If your target audience is on Twitter it makes sense to stay there. It also makes sense to consider Twitter if you haven’t already. The main goal is to meet your audience where they congregate. And while conscientious businesses have a duty to act, the best businesses do not overreact.

Marketing efforts are similar to personal portfolios – they both improve when they are strategic and diversified. If you are only on Twitter, now is a great time to explore where else you can reach your audience. The changes happening to Twitter now and changes in the future could make it where Twitter is no longer the best option for your brand. The main goal is to identify your audience and then meet them there.

Be Your Own Media and Collect First-Party Data

A better solution may involve exploring opportunities to become your own media. This includes publishing content on channels you own and collecting first-party data that can be used across your marketing efforts.

If this method seems daunting or if you are unsure how to get started, we are here to help. Callis has been navigating integrated digital marketing programs since the beginning, and we can work together to find the right solution for you.


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