Building Success from the Ground Up

OUTdrive episode 207 with Tim Kondratyuk

OUTdrive Episode 208 with Tim Kondratyuk

Tim Kondratyuk’s story is a classic narrative of American determination, tracing his roots back to Ukrainian immigrant parents and a childhood on a Missouri farm. As the eldest of nine, Tim’s early life was defined by hard work and resilience, qualities that have served him well in his entrepreneurial journey. Today, he is not only a dedicated family man but also a key figure behind US Quality Construction, a company that has soared to impressive heights in the construction industry.

US Quality Construction has made a name for itself in the home improvement sector, focusing on new deck construction and the repair or replacement of exterior home features. Under Tim’s guidance, the company has experienced rapid growth, doubling its business annually for the past four years. The secret to their success? A strategic approach to marketing. Tune in to hear more about the transformative impact of technology on small businesses.