Adapting to Changes in Industry

OUTdrive episode 202 with Mike Hill

OUTdrive Episode 202 with Mike Hill

In today’s competitive industry, marketing strategies like trade shows and fostering long-term client relationships are crucial for sustainable business growth. Mike Hill, general manager of Big Rocks Engineering, a company making significant strides in the manufacturing and engineering sector, shares the importance of trade shows in their marketing strategy. Big Rocks Engineering skillfully utilizes trade shows to maintain a strong presence, connecting with existing customers and reaching potential new ones. This approach has become a fundamental element in their search for new business opportunities and in demonstrating the value they offer.

Mike’s impressive background spans over two decades in engineering and manufacturing, beginning with a physics degree and evolving through various roles, including aerospace defense and running his own manufacturing plant, before founding Big Rocks Engineering in 2015. Listen in to learn the importance of strong business relationships and adapting to industry changes.