Cultivating Success in Marketing

OUTdrive Episode 192 with Gunther Hartman

OUTdrive Episode 192 with Gunther Hartman Effective marketing isn’t just about the message, it’s about the medium and the people, too. In this episode, Gunther Hartman, head of marketing and human resources at Zimmerman Manufacturing, gives us a peek into their high-quality content creation—from drones to testimonials. It’s about crafting stories that resonate and visuals…

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Super Bowl 2024 Highlights

OUTdrive episode 191

OUTdrive Episode 191 with Lindsay Barnes, Seth Brunkhorst, Megan Hartman, Dana Kelchner, Kyle Meek, and Andrew Stallcup It was the most wonderful night of the year, right? When else are you surrounded by your family and friends, cheering on your favorite football team, watching entertaining commercials, and eating chicken wings? It’s none other than the…

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Our Top Super Bowl 2024 Ads

Touchdowns and Teasers

Super Bowl Sunday has become quite the national holiday for some. Whether it’s the big game, the long-awaited halftime show, or the hilarious and sometimes heart-warming commercials keeping you on the edge of your seat, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Oh, and let’s not forget about the snacks! Each year, we compile a list…

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Shot Show Highlights

OUTdrive Episode 190

OUTdrive Episode 190 with Seth Brunkhorst and Darren Grove The Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show is an annual event that brings together retailers, distributors, media, marketers, and other industry professionals to explore the latest innovations and strategies in the outdoor industry. Callis account executives Darren Grove and Seth Brunkhorst joined Cliff at this…

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Innovation in Small Town America

OUTdrive Episode 189 with Deb Brown

OUTdrive Episode 189 with Deb Brown Innovation is everywhere and in rural America, it shows up in everyday places. In small towns, from coast to coast, entrepreneurs are using new ideas, new technologies, and out of the box ingenuity to start and grow successful businesses and energize communities. Sometimes, it takes an outside perspective to…

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Helping Small Business Thrive

OUTdrive Episode 188 with Darline Mabins and Duan Gavel

OUTdrive Episode 188 with Darline Mabins and Duan Gavel There are endless opportunities in rural America for entrepreneurs to start and grow successful businesses. However, not everyone is going to have all the skills and experience necessary to sustain it. Most of us need support in areas where we might be weak. Many times, entrepreneurs…

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Building a Brand with Digital

OUTdrive Episode 187 with Gabriella Ellis

OUTdrive Episode 187 with Gabriella Ellis Savvy marketers know that digital is driving brand awareness and sales in today’s world. But there are so many forms and variations for digital, how do you decide which ones to use? In today’s episode, you’ll hear from a young marketing professional who understands her markets and knows what’s…

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Lead Generation: Key Strategies for Modern Customer Acquisition

Lead Generation Infographic

Where Do Leads Come From? In today’s competitive market, it’s a challenge for marketers to identify the best sources for acquiring new customers. Understanding lead generation strategies and programs are essential for simplifying customer acquisition. These programs integrate advanced marketing strategies with common sense tactics to effectively engage today’s consumers. Let’s explore a few tactics…

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Collaboration is Key

OUTdrive Episode 186 with Rachelle Simon

OUTdrive Episode 186 with Rachelle Simon Out here in the country, people take care of each other. They know their neighbors and they value the relationships they have with them. They also know that there are challenges that people face as they steer their way through life. In our community, there are many organizations that…

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Podcast Takeaways From 2023

OUTdrive Episode 185 | Podcast Takeaways from 2023

OUTDRIVE EPISODE 185 | SOLOCAST Welcome to OUTdrive and welcome to 2024! We hope each of you had a safe and happy new year’s celebration, however you chose to spend it. Today, we’re taking a special drive down memory lane and revisiting some of the most impactful stories and insights we shared over the past…

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How Does SEO Work? | Understanding Modern SEO & Content Marketing

How does SEO work?

Understanding SEO can be challenging. It’s complex and constantly evolving, making it hard to keep up with unless you’re working with it every day. However, SEO shouldn’t be written off as too complex and ignored. Some basic concepts of SEO are essential for everyone to understand. To illustrate the initial planning process at a high…

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You’ve Got to Know Your Audience

OUTdrive Episode 184 with Mike Hammerly

OUTdrive Episode 184 with Mike Hammerly In marketing, there are a lot of variables, strategies and tactics that you have to consider when laying out a marketing plan. None is more important than your target audiences. Many times, there are more than one, so identifying who they are, why they should be interested, how they…

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Innovation and Ingenuity is Everywhere

OUTdrive Episode 183 with Bryan Berlin

OUTdrive Episode 183 with Bryan Berlin Innovation and ingenuity are alive and well out here in rural America, but that’s not anything new. Ever since our country was founded, entrepreneurs, inventors and capitalists have all dreamed big and created even bigger. For instance, who would have thought that 100 years ago the small community of…

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Collaborating for Conservation

OUTdrive Episode 182 with Tricia Burkhardt

OUTdrive Episode 182 with Tricia Burkhardt Out here in the country, we take conservation seriously. Whether it’s our farmers who manage their properties for sustainability, our hunters who meticulously nurture the land they hunt on or the fishermen who help keep our streams, rivers and lakes clean, there’s an understanding in rural America that conservation…

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Leading the Way with Marketing Technology

OUTdrive Episode 181 with Kyle Meek

OUTdrive Episode 181 with Kyle Meek We say it all the time. Marketing technology is driving innovation in rural America, as well as around the world. Every day, new media emerges that enables marketers to deliver messages in ways they’ve never had the opportunity to use before. Staying up to date with the new is…

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Attracting New Business to Missouri

OUTdrive episode 180 with Subash Alias

OUTdrive Episode 180 with Subash Alias Today is the second part of our two part series about economic development in Missouri, with our guest, Subash Alias, CEO of the Missouri Partnership. As you recall from last week’s podcast, the Missouri Partnership is a public-private economic development organization that helps attract new business to Missouri. Many…

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When to Rebuild a Business Website: A Guide for Rural Business Leaders

In today’s fast-paced digital world, your website is more than just an online brochure; it’s a vital tool for connecting with customers, especially in rural America. For business leaders and owners, regularly assessing your website’s effectiveness is key. We suggest reviewing your site every two to three years with specific questions in mind to determine…

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Missouri Loves Company

OUTdrive Episode 179 with Janelle Higgins

OUTdrive Episode 179 with Janelle Higgins Today, we’re excited to premier a two part series about economic development in Missouri. We begin with our guest, Janelle Higgins, the Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Missouri Partnership, a public-private economic development organization that helps attract new businesses to Missouri. If you’ve listened to some of…

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Leaders Are Made, Not Born

OUTdrive episode 178 with Whitney Kinne

OUTdrive Episode 178 with Whitney Kinne All of us leading businesses and organizations today need someone we can talk to; someone to share challenges and opportunities, to question things we’re doing, to inspire us from time to time and to serve as a mentor. Many of us might benefit from having several advisors. But whether…

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Serious Business That’s Fun

OUTdrive Episode 177 with JR Hartenstein

OUTdrive Episode 177 with JR Hartenstein Business is a serious business, but it can also be fun, and it should be. Life’s too short to not have a good time doing what you do to earn a living. For Jonathan Hartenstein that means having fun building relationships that turn into friendships that translate to sales.…

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