A Who’s Who of Callis: Jim Shoemaker a.k.a “The Bright & Windy One”

By May 7, 2010 No Comments

For some, it may be hard to imagine that those of us working here at Callis have a life outside of work. After all, we eat and breathe Callis. (As a side note, we also know what to say to keep the boss happy.) But the truth of it is that there are many different personalities and faces that collaborate daily within the walls of our agency. For the next couple of months we are going to provide a brief insight into the minds that work and “live” here.

Jim Shoemaker a.k.a “The Bright & Windy One”

When it comes to outdoor sports marketing, Callis looks to Jim Shoemaker to lead the group. We have several key clients in the industry and with his 25+ years of marketing and management experience, he retains an abundance of information and knowledge. As Vice President of the agency, Jim is responsible for managing his current clients and prospecting new ones.

Jim is one bright and colorful guy! By colorful, we are not referring to his language, and by bright we do mean knowledgeable and well, bright! He is certainly no wallflower when it comes to his wardrobe, he can’t be missed. This guy must own an infinite collection of colors; he is our artists’ living inspiration! If you can’t see him coming, you will hear him! Jim is often asked to emcee local events for obvious reasons; he can talk!

Every morning on his way to work, Jim stops to purchase a grande mocha with no whip cream from Starbucks. Just think if it wasn’t for this “addiction,” we could all be setting sail on the new yacht he purchased with his Starbuck’s fund. Keep dreaming Callis! This man is succumbed to a far more powerful force known as his sweet-tooth. Sugar in any shape or form causes Jim to become weak at the knees and break a sweat.

When he isn’t working or at Starbucks, Jim and his wife often spend their free time visiting their two daughters and their families. Other areas of interest for this VP are vacationing to beaches, golf and photography. He’s also a movie junkie and often quotes from movies, engaging a few here at Callis that are able to go back and forth continuously, while others of us have a perplexed stare as if they are speaking a foreign language.

Stay tuned as next week we will dish on another face of Callis. Hint: This Creative Director is carrying more than a bundle of fresh ideas and looks!