A Who’s Who of Callis: JoDee Buso a.k.a “The Gatekeeper”

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For some, it may be hard to imagine that those of us working here at Callis have a life outside of work. After all, we eat and breathe Callis. (As a side note, we also know what to say to keep the boss happy.) But the truth of it is that there are many different personalities and faces that collaborate daily within the walls of our agency. For the past couple of months we have provided insight into the minds that work and “live” here.

JoDee Buso, a.k.a “The Gatekeeper”

As a Receptionist/Administrative Assistant, JoDee is our greeter and handler of general administrative services for Callis. She has interaction with most company functions and personnel and all outside companies doing business with the company. Her primary objective is to provide operational stability and a good impression of the company to the public and company personnel.

JoDee is our “Gatekeeper,” meaning you must go through her to get to the rest of us! The phones ring like crazy most days, but JoDee has no problem multi-tasking and answering the phones in a friendly and courteous manner. Her role as a “Gatekeeper” though extends past work to her family and personal life. After a day in the office, JoDee is almost always on the run. She plays a significant role in each of her four grandkids’ lives from football practice to band or dance recitals, and then on to teach bible school. JoDee is always on the move!

Once the warm weather comes, JoDee can barely wait to hook up her camper to the back of her van and head out for a weekend full of outdoor adventures! Along with family and friends, she enjoys swimming, campfires and scavenger hunts. From time to time, she comes back to work the next Monday with sometimes minor, sometimes severe burns from “roughing” it out in the wild.

Beyond her family and camping, JoDee is an active member of her church, enjoys reading whenever she has the opportunity, and traveling to see her siblings. She also jumps at the chance to scrapbook whenever possible. After all, when you are on the move as much as she is, you have to take time-out every once in a while to look back and remember how much fun was had along the way!

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