Drives Action & Builds Awareness


The Missouri State Fair is tasked with the challenge of drawing attendance from across the state on a limited budget. The Fair must reach a variety of audiences and dollars must be allocated where they will have the most impact.


With an innovative marketing plan leveraging traditional and digital media, constant performance evaluation and optimization and the use of leading digital technologies, Callis and the Missouri State Fair have been able to drive attendance and sell tickets.

Super-targeted digital media, including programmatic, OTT (Over-the-top television) advertising on digital streaming services, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, reserved placements in online news sources, and a direct email program have allowed each medium to target varying audiences based on ad content and the desired action. This innovative approach provides results consistently exceeding established KPI goals.

2019 Missouri State Fiar Poster


According to surveys from fair attendees, overall awareness has increased significantly due to advertising efforts. In 2019, Callis and the Missouri State Fair were nationally recognized by the IAFE (International Association of Fairs and Exhibitions) with the “Best Marketing Campaign” award. Callis and Missouri State Fair were also recognized for excellence by Graphic Design USA for the 2019 “Come Home” multi-media marketing campaign.searching for more information online and hearing and seeing the propane lifestyle message, laying a strong foundation for future market development.

Missouri State Fair Website Preview

Missouri State Fair

The Missouri State Fair has been a tradition for Missouri families since the first fair was held in 1901. Established as a way for farmers across the state to see the latest technology and equipment, the Fair has grown into the largest agriculture showcase in Missouri. It offers a fun and exciting entertainment venue for families throughout the midwest.