Driving Business Growth Through Lead Generation


Parkhurst has been designing and manufacturing high-quality truck equipment since 1946. Despite years of success, the brand was losing steam and patchwork marketing efforts were no longer getting the job done. A change in ownership brought upgrades to equipment, products, and services, but they were in need of a full-service agency to help take the Parkhurst name into the future.


The Callis team developed and implemented a strategic marketing plan focused on growing distribution, standardizing the Parkhurst brand, and building customer brand awareness.

Callis launched a campaign with new messaging that centered around the “Next Generation” of Parkhurst management. Callis created logo standards, a brand platform, and a recognizable brand theme for Parkhurst. New trade show displays and marketing and sales materials were developed to present the brand to current and new distributors alike.

Callis implemented a new CRM system that incorporated marketing automation capabilities and email marketing campaigns to use as a sales tool and stay in front of customers. Additionally, YouTube and Facebook advertising were used to promote new products.

Parkhurst Banner Spec Sheet


The Parkhurst brand was strengthened by the benefits of single-source marketing efforts from the Callis team. Implementing a robust CRM system has provided lead generation opportunities for Parkhurst to expand into new markets, reaching new distributors and dealers.

The company has seen an increase in sales since the updates in branding, materials, and following Callis’ strategic marketing outline. In 2021, Parkhurst celebrated its 75th anniversary and Callis created a special edition logo to commemorate the event.

Parkhurst Sharpspring Emails displayed on phones and tablets

About Parkhurst

Since 1946, Parkhurst has designed and manufactured high-quality truck equipment. All of their products are made in the USA at an affordable price.