Warm Up to Your New Bank


Wood & Huston Bank was expanding into a new market in Sedalia, Missouri. Entering a crowded market with many players, but still plenty of opportunity, Wood & Huston knew their messaging needed to be strategic and on point. People typically don’t change banks overnight. It takes time and strategic, well-placed communications to build trust and rapport.


Together, Wood & Huston and Callis created and launched the “Warm Up To Your New Bank” campaign. This large-scale, multimedia outreach program was centered around inviting and educational messaging and leveraged strategically in a variety of ways.

The campaign included print and digital advertising, direct mail with gifts including hot chocolate and a Wood & Huston mug to tie into the theme, social media, radio, website and landing pages, giveaways, promotions and events.

Wood & Huston Enter for Your Chance to Win a Solo Stove Yukon ad
Wood & Huston New Bank campaign materials


Since its arrival in Sedalia, Wood & Huston Bank has experienced steady and continued growth in the Sedalia community and has been able to quickly gain new customers and market share.

Wood & Huston Bank

Established in 1874, Wood & Huston Bank is an independent, full-service community bank providing a wide range of quality financial products and solutions to the communities they serve in Missouri, with banking centers in Sedalia, Marshall, Higginsville, Cape Girardeau, Jackson, Springfield and West Plains.