Regional Marketing for Health Center


There are some things in life where you want the best. You can drive a common vehicle and live in an average house, but when it comes to health care – we all want the very best. For years, Bothwell has been combating the misconception that you need to travel to a larger health care center in a metropolitan area to receive the best care.

In many cases, the quality of care patients receive at Bothwell exceeds that of the larger health care facilities in bigger cities. But how do you effectively communicate that through advertising? How do you connect with people on a subject as personal and sensitive as their health care? How do you change decade-old misconceptions?


Through a strategic, integrated branding campaign, We’re in it Together, Callis and Bothwell were able to make a significant impact in the West-Central Missouri region.

A new tagline, Get Well. Stay Well. Bothwell., was developed to capture the importance that Bothwell plays in the community. Helping patients get well when they are sick and stay well through health and wellness, is at the forefront of everything they do.

Bothwell hospital Facebook video ad


Digital media was leveraged to promote and share patient stories. Through a series of high-quality testimonial videos and a strategic targeted digital media buy, Bothwell was able to connect with residents in the region on a personal level. Supported by a strategic print ad campaign, We’re in it Together introduced a highly-innovative, passionate, caring and capable network of doctors and facilities to West Central Missouri.

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Bothwell Regional Health Center

Bothwell Regional Health Center provides high-quality, cost-effective and compassionate health care to residents of West-Central Missouri through a network of state-of-the-art facilities and multiple specialties. With a staff of more than 800 employees and 100 physicians, Bothwell provides a full range of diagnostic, medical and surgical services.