Inspires Rural Missouri


Thousands of people in Missouri, and millions throughout the country, use propane somewhere in their home or on their farm. They’re familiar with the benefits of this clean, American energy. However, many people were not aware of all the different ways they can use propane appliances in the home to take advantage of its performance, efficiency and comfort.


The Welcome Home campaign was developed to inspire Missourians to want to live the “propane lifestyle”. It was designed to build awareness for the many applications of propane appliances in the home and to drive consumers into Missouri’s propane dealers or to the Propane Missouri website to learn more.

Taking a whole-home approach, Welcome Home focused on the aspirational elements of a comfortable, modern home that all come together in a propane lifestyle. The campaign’s core component was a Pinterest-inspired magazine that was made available at propane dealer locations throughout the state. Included in the magazine were dozens of design tips and trends, information about various propane appliances and guidance to receive rebates and incentives.

The Welcome Home initiative was supported through a comprehensive print, electronic and digital media campaign, including social media to touch the lives of thousands of people throughout rural Missouri.

Propane Missouri website and Welcome Home campaign creative


The Welcome Home campaign created a buzz within the propane industry for its innovative approach to educating people about the uses of propane and its objective of building a market and generating demand for propane products. LP GAS magazine and Butane-Propane News both featured MOPERC’s campaign in national publications and the national Propane Education & Research Council has also incorporated components of the campaign in its outreach programs.

At the state level, thousands of Missourians are picking up the magazine, searching for more information online and hearing and seeing the propane lifestyle message, laying a strong foundation for future market development.

Propane industry magazine cover

“From the concept all the way to the inspirational design, content development and program execution, the Callis team knocked it out of the park with our Welcome Home campaign. You feel confident that you’re doing good things when you’re turning heads at the national level with a state-wide campaign.”

– Steve Ahrens | President

Missouri Propane Education & Research Council

The Missouri Propane Education & Research Council (MOPERC) is a not-for-profit organization that serves the propane industry through training, consumer safety, appliance rebates and market development programs.