Virtual Home Tour and Video


MOPERC’s Propane HomePro program brings the complete home benefits of propane appliances to life in modern and luxurious home construction projects across the state. The program highlights the advantages of building homes powered by propane and the opportunity to live the propane lifestyle, with benefits including superior home performance, efficiency and comfort.

MOPERC recently partnered with Josh and Kyra Brant of Sedalia to build an efficient, custom propane-powered home in Sedalia. However, implications associated with COVID-19 did not allow the home to be promoted through a traditional open house.


Callis partnered with MOPERC to create a virtual home tour of the Brant’s propane-powered home using 3D technology. The virtual tour is showcased on MOPERC’s website. A short 15-second teaser video was created to promote the virtual tour across social media and digital advertising channels to generate interest and drive users to the website to take the virtual tour. The virtual home tour campaign was supported through a strategic multimedia campaign including public relations, email marketing, social media and digital advertising.

There are a lot of good reasons to learn more about the benefits of propane for Missouri residences, but MOPERC included another for this project. MOPERC graciously agreed to donate $1 for every unique page view of the virtual home tour to help the lives of Missouri students in the Sedalia School District through the Brendan Eisenmenger Student Impact Fund. On top of that, MOPERC agreed to match the donations made to the fund through the PayPal link at the bottom of the virtual tour home page up to $5,000.


Through unique and strategic local and state-wide promotional approaches, MOPERC was able to generate a significant level of interest and views for the 3D virtual home tour of the propane-powered home in Sedalia in a new and creative way.

Missouri Propane Education & Research Council

The Missouri Propane Education & Research Council (MOPERC) is a not-for-profit organization that serves the propane industry through training, consumer safety, appliance rebates and market development programs.