Lesson 10 - If You Want Something Bad Enough...

For many of our agency staffers who grew up in Sedalia, they’ve been going to the Missouri State Fair since they were kids. Some showed livestock there. Some worked there and others just enjoyed all the many things you can do there. Simply put, we love the fair! Once our agency proved that it knew…

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The Importance of Planning When Developing a Website

Website Planning Process

An often overlooked but critical part of the website development process is planning. Before creating a design or writing any code, there should be an in-depth planning process to ensure that the website meets all user needs. Benefits of including planning early in the website development process: Identify all business needs Identify all user needs…

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Pursuing Opportunities

OUTdrive Episode 92 with Cesar Marin

OUTdrive Episode 92 with Cesar Marin Community is defined as “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.” A strong sense of community is part of what makes rural America a great place to live, work and raise a family. In this episode of OUTdrive, our guest…

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Lesson 9 – Marketing Works

Lesson 9: Marketing Works

This may go without saying, but we know that marketing works. Over the years, when the right and appropriate approach and budget were put into place, we saw the results first hand, and our clients did too. We also saw them in our own marketing efforts. Back in 1993, we were actively doing direct mail…

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Propane: Resilient & Clean Energy

OUTdrive Episode 91 with Joe Calhoun

OUTdrive Episode 91 with Joe Calhoun Alternative energy solutions are a major point of discussion these days. One solution that is often overlooked is propane. Propane is being used across all industries to meet the need for a resilient, cleaner, greener energy solution, and the need for remote power where it isn’t readily available. In…

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Lesson 8 – Learn the Business

Lesson 8: Learn the Business

One of our goals with every client relationship is to learn their business. Obviously, we need to understand the specifics about their products and services to be able to promote them, but it goes well beyond that. We always want to know what their long-term objectives are so we can help them achieve them. Do…

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Buying, Building, & Developing Real Estate

OUTdrive Episode 90 with Russell Childers

OUTdrive Episode 90 with Russell Childers Entrepreneurship has evolved over the years, but one thing is for certain, the American Dream is still alive and well for those who are willing to work for it. In this episode of OUTdrive, I sit down with business owner Russell Childers to learn more about what it takes…

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Lesson 7 – Know Your Team

Lesson 7 - Know Your Team

As our agency grew, taking on new clients, looking at new opportunities, and selling new projects, finding new people to join us became paramount to our success. When you’re a small business, every employee has to be an A player, and we had them, and we added more of them as we needed them. We’re…

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Our Favorite Super Bowl Commercials of 2022

Our Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

The Super Bowl is always one of the biggest nights in advertising, and this past Sunday was no different. It was a great game that kept us watching until the very end. Along the way, we enjoyed the show and made note of some of our favorite commercials. As always, it’s hard to pick favorites…

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Speaking to Your Audience

OUTdrive Episode 89 with Ben Frederickson

OUTdrive Episode 89 with Ben Frederickson Sports columnist Ben Frederickson returns to OUTdrive to chat about all things sports and writing. Ben shares his hot takes on Mizzou Basketball, the possible outcomes of the MLB lockout, and the Blue’s chances at another playoff run. We also dive a little deeper into storytelling, such as creating…

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Lesson 6 – Carve Out a Niche

Lesson 6 - Carve Out a Niche

Throughout our agency’s history, we have ebbed and flowed in and out of certain markets and industries, based on our clients, always looking for the opportunity to identify and expand on a niche. One of those niches was economic development, working with cities and chambers of commerce around Missouri to help them tell their stories.…

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Marketing the Lake of the Ozarks

OUTdrive Episode 88 with Eric Homan

OUTdrive Episode 88 with Eric Homan The Lake of the Ozarks flew under the radar for many years, and was considered a hidden gem for those that knew about it. That was until May 2020, when viral videos during the pandemic made headlines and popularity of the Netflix series “Ozark” brought attention from around the…

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Lesson 5 – When Opportunity Knocks

Lesson 5 - When Opportunity Knocks

When opportunity knocks, answer the door. The year was 1991. We were feeling the pinch of suffering growth pains. Things were going pretty well but we were struggling in some ways and we lacked the resources and expertise to continue to grow. We started looking around at ways we could strategically move forward. We had…

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The Benefit of Community Programs

OUTdrive Episode: 87 with Gary Beckman

OUTdrive Episode 87 with Gary Beckman It’s often said “it takes a village” to raise a child, and our guest in this episode of OUTdrive believes that to be true. Gary Beckman is the Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club of West Central Missouri. He outlines the importance of programs and activities available…

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Lesson 4 – Stay Connected

Lesson 4 - Stay Connected

Over the years, our founder and leader has preached the importance of relationships, whether that be with associates, clients, vendors, media, community or industry partners. Our business is really all about people and frankly, you just can’t have too many friends. Through time however, people move. They relocate. They change jobs and move to different…

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Producing a Podcast

OUTdrive Episode 86 Producing a Podcast

OUTdrive Episode 86 | SOLOCAST Have you ever wondered what goes into producing a podcast? In this episode of OUTdrive, I break down the production cycle of our podcast from week to week. And, I answer the most frequently asked questions about our podcast, such as cost, technology and equipment needs, and ROI. After producing…

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Lesson 3 – Accept Help

Lesson 3 - Accept Help

Back when we were just getting started, in the late 1980’s, there were people who wanted to help. Some came to work with us and gave us all they had. Some gave us business doing new and exciting projects when they didn’t have to. Some helped us learn things that we never would have even…

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Creating Content | Podcasts, Social Media and More

OUTdrive Episode 85 with Ivy Reynolds

OUTdrive Episode 85 with Ivy Reynolds When it comes to creating content, the sports world is blazing the trail. High-quality videos and graphics on social media are a huge part of a program’s communication and marketing strategy, and other industries should be taking note. In this episode of OUTdrive, I chat with Callis account executive…

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Lesson 2 – Trust Me

Lesson 2 - Trust Me

Back in 1988, there were some folks who thought Cliff was crazy and that he would never make it in the advertising agency biz in such a small, rural market. There were people he had to convince so he would ask them to trust him. He used the word so frequently that our employees at…

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Soybeans are an Economic Driver

OUTdrive Episode 84 with Casey Wasser

OUTdrive Episode 84 with Casey Wasser The Missouri Department of Agriculture announced the results of an economic contribution study that showed a contribution of nearly $94 billion to the economy and more than one in every 10 jobs is supported by agriculture. Crop production, which includes grains and oil seeds, ranked first in value of…

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