Amazon Advertising Platform | Why you may want to consider it

Amazon graphic on phone

Quick, think of the fields that Amazon is a leader! If you are like me, you probably thought of online shopping, in-home assistants, technology solutions and streaming entertainment. These are all good answers and have contributed to the reported 206.1 Million unique users for Amazon sites, just in the month of December 2018.1 There is at…

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What is OTT Advertising?

smart tv with remote

Before we dive too deep into OTT advertising, I want to define what OTT is for those who are unfamiliar with the term. OTT or Over-the-Top television/media is the internet streaming option for television content and movies without a traditional TV contract. These services can be accessed on a phone, tablet, computer or even a…

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When To Use Programmatic Advertising

Hand touching center of advertising graphic

Have you ever been fishing without any luck? Spent most of your day trying with nothing to show for it? I know I have. After days like that, I always go through all the what ifs. What if I had tried at a different time, at a different spot or with a different bait? Maybe…

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Creating a Digital Advertising Strategy

marketing campaign funnel stages

The other day I was doing some basic maintenance on my lawn mower. Everything was going smoothly until I needed to remove a few pieces of hardware that were difficult to reach. Being stubborn, I wedged my pliers in there and tried to remove them. After a lot of time and effort, all I had…

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