What is Repurposing Content in Marketing?

typing blog content on old-fashioned type-writer.

We all look for ways to save time and money, and we want to get the most out of our efforts once we create something great. One way we can do that in the business and marketing world is to repurpose content. There are two major ways to make the most out of your content.…

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Choosing Your Website Platform

Choosing your Website-Platform

What platform is your website built on? Not sure? You’re not alone. Yet deciding the answer to this question should be an important aspect of your next site build, because it is a decision that will impact your organization for years to come. A website platform is the set of foundational tools upon which a…

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Customer Service Tips: Employee Empowerment

Disney at Christmas

Customer Service Tips from Walt We Can All Learn From Walt I was fortunate to spend a day recently attending the Disney Institute’s Approach to Business Excellence seminar. As expected, customer service tips was a huge part of the presentation. Disney is well known for employee empowerment or empowering their employees to make decisions without…

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