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C stands for Content Marketing

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There’s much conversation right now centered around the premise that “content is king”. At our marketing agency, we see the positive results of it every day. It’s most evident in SEO performance, where you can tie search marketing strategies into keywords and phrases and then improved search engine rankings and (finally) into conversions. But there’s more to it than that.

To be clear, the “content” I’m talking about is every piece of material you build into your web presence that will be of interest and value to the visitor. Press releases, white papers, case studies, photos with tags, and video with closed caption transcriptions can all play a role in building a robust, dynamic and performance based content marketing program. All of this can positively impact your SEO performance if you choose your key phrases well and you build valuable content (or content that Google sees as a value to those people who are searching for whatever it is you’re talking about). This is the direct benefit of generating quality content and it can be very valuable.

The indirect benefits of content marketing are the opportunity to tell your story, build your image and position yourself as the expert in whatever field you’re in. Today, there are many different ways to tell your story. To put it into perspective, think of yourself as a publisher with the opportunity to say anything you want about your company, your products, your services, and other topics of interest to your target audience. Then, using the tools available to you, you can distribute this message to those people who you want to see it. That’s pretty powerful.seo

Through storytelling, you can build your image over time. It can be whatever you want it to be and it can be totally unique to you, because guess what, you do have a unique story to tell. You can also reinforce it as often as you like, and that should be very often. You’re only limited by your own imagination, ingenuity and resources. As you build your image with interesting news articles, technical papers solving customer problems or videos showing how to use your products, you are positioning yourself in the manner in which you choose. Who are you and who do you want to be? The power is in your hands. Content marketing is powerful. Content is king.

If you’re not already using a content marketing program to build your business, get started today. It doesn’t have to be hard; just generate valuable information that your audience will find interesting and do it as often as you possibly can. It’s a long term marketing strategy that will improve your SEO performance over time and help you position yourself against the competition. You can win through content marketing.

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