Do small things in a big way

“If you can’t do great things, do small things in a great way.”

At times, the picture or goal that we aim to accomplish can seem so large that we tend to give up on it entirely.

Breaking a large goal down into smaller, timelier goals can make all the difference in the world. When you break your larger goal down into smaller goals, you will be able to check-off each one as you go, and you will be able to “see the light at the end of the tunnel.” Ultimately, your large goal will be accomplished much quicker, and with greater ease, and you will feel like you are getting closer to your larger goal every time you check-off a smaller goal from your list.

I have heard that a goal is just a wish, unless you write it down on paper. So, write your goal down and keep it in a place where you can view it all the time. I like to make goal cards. Goal cards are a great way to keep your goal in your vision and to keep it a top priority. A goal card can be written on anything, but keep it somewhere where you can see if often. On one side of the card you can write your “large” goal. On the other side of the card, you can write your “smaller,” more easily attainable goals that lead to accomplishing your big goal.

Before you know it, the goal that once seemed so far out of reach, will be marked off your list and you will be on to the next one!

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