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Going After the Bucks with Social Media Marketing

By January 7, 2014 No Comments

This was the first of about ten years that I did not have the privilege of spending some time in the woods during deer season. My second son was born about a week before Opening Day, so naturally I spent every extra second I had at home with my family. Although I would not trade one second of my time at home for a year in the woods, I did find myself a little saddened breaking my November tradition. Processing all of this one evening after a day at work focused on social media, I had a random revelation that deer hunting and social media marketing are in fact, quite similar.
Going After the Bucks with Social Media
Seasoned deer hunters know that the hunt begins months before the first day of deer season. First, you figure out where all the deer are hanging out and identify their traveling patterns. You do some scouting. In effective social media marketing, scouting must also be done. This involves researching the platforms where potential customers are absorbing social media. More specifically, this includes researching prospects’ paths to and from those platforms, how much time their spending there, and what types of information they find value in.

After you know where the deer are spending time, you get their attention and encourage them to travel by your favorite hunting spot and develop a regular travel pattern through that respective area. This can be done by the strategic placement of some clover seed and salt blocks. Similarly, in social media marketing, you capture the attention of prospects with a Facebook post or Tweet that they can find value in and encourage them with an easily navigable link to travel through your website.

A successful deer hunt is often the result of your efforts prior to deer season. Likewise, incremental sales will often be the result of an effective social media marketing campaign. Prospective customers are traveling to your website and educating themselves on your products and services. With this work done ahead of time, the sale, or the hunt, becomes much easier.